Voters’ Guides & Info

Resources for the May 19 Primary Election

Personalized ballots at, candidate interview podcasts, mobile-friendly Voters’ Guides; find what you need at the link below.

Find our statewide Voters’ Guides and much more!

Personalized Voting Information

• Statewide Voters’ Guide (PDF English)
• Statewide Voters’ Guide (PDF Spanish)
Video Voters’ Guide
• Podcast Style Audio Voters’ Guide
Large Print Voters’ Guide
• And much more at!


Candidates & Ballot Measures

2020 state races include:

• US Senate
• US House
• OR Treasurer
• OR SoS
• OR House
• OR Senate

You can check out the full online listing at the link below.

Civics Education & Mock Election

Our Civics Education and Mock Election resources are available online, year-round. Teachers are welcome to use all or part of these materials in their classroom. Learn more.

We’re also excited to expand additional training opportunities for teachers as part of the Harvard Civic Project. Several teachers from across Oregon participated in this program in 2019, bringing new methods and resources to their students for hands-on civics study.