Effective Advocacy

How We Advocate

Our democratic system sets the League of Women Voters apart from other organizations when it comes to advocacy.  We speak with one Voice. We advocate as a complete unit at the local, state, and national level. After a thorough study of all sides of an issue, action is based on input from our member base, and we form our official positions. Being one cohesive unit at all levels makes us a powerful constituency. See this process illustrated here. 

Every year, our State Action Team publishes a list of action items for the Oregon League. View Issues for Action 2019-2020 for an in depth description of our positions, and what types of issues the League of Women Voters® of Oregon (LWVOR) will be advocating for during legislative sessions. Our Action Team consists of members throughout the state of Oregon who have a vested interest in the legislative process. These members use the League’s official positions to write testimony, advocate, and lobby the Oregon state legislature on behalf of the League and citizens (that’s you!). Our most prevalent issues and positions fall into three distinct categories: Governance, Natural Resources, and Social Policy.

Want to be an effective advocate?

These resources will help you on your way: