Coalition Memberships

LWVOR Coalition, Caucus, Committee and Task Force Membership

Addictions and Mental Health Adult Services
Advisory Committee, a subcommittee of Mental Health Planning & Management Advisory Council, Department of Human Services
Group Contacts: Claudia Grimm (claudia.e.grimm [at]

Alliance to Prevent Gun Violence
League Representative: Marge Easley

Appellate Judicial Selection Work Group
League Representative: Alice Bartelt

Citizens’ Access Caucus
League Representatives: Paula Krane

Clean Water Network
League Representatives: Marge Easley
Group Contacts: Natalie Roy (NatalieRoy [at]; natalieroy [at]

Columbia River Treaty Review
League Representative: Philip Thor

Community Mental Health Housing Fund (CMHHF)
Group Contact: Jeff I.Puterbaugh [at]

Department of Agriculture Stakeholders Group
League Representative: Peggy Lynch
Group Contact: Katy Coba, Director

Department of Environmental Quality Blue Ribbon Advisory Committee
League Representative: Peggy Lynch

Department of State Lands Technical Advisory Committee
League Representatives: vacant; alternate: Peggy Lynch
Group Contact: Eric D. Metz (eric.metz [at]; 503-986-5266)

DLCD Citizen Involvement Advisory Committee
League Representative: Vacant
Group Contact: Sadie Carney (sadie.carney [at]

Drinking Water Advisory Committee

Group Contacts: Dave Leland (971-673-0415; david.e.leland [at], and Diane Weis (diane.weis [at]; 971-673-0427)

Electronic Portal Advisory Board
League representative (public member): Rebecca Gladstone 
Group Contact: Wallace Rogers ( [at]

Fair Courts Coalition
League Representative: Alice Bartelt

Healthy Climate Partnerships
League Representative: Deanie Anderson; alternate: Claudia Keith and Theresa Gibney
Group Contact: Jana Gastellum (Janag [at]; 503-222-1963)

Housing Alliance
League Representative: Debbie Aiona
Group Contact: Janet Byrd (jbyrd [at]

Human Services Coalition of Oregon
League Representatives: Alice Bartelt, Karen Nibler, Chris Vogel

LWV Judicial Independence Steering Committee
League Representative: Beth Burczak

Natural Resources Agencies Stakeholders Group
League Representative: Peggy Lynch
Group Contact: Richard Whitman, Governor’s Natural Resources Advisor

Nonprofit Association of Oregon
League Representative: Jane Gigler
Group Contact: Micaela Kennedy (mkennegy [at]

Northwest Energy Coalition
League Representative: Theresa Gibney
Group Contacts: Kat Plimpton

Open Oregon
League Representative: Norman Turrill
Group Contact: Judson Randall, Board Chair (503-725-5687, jud@ [at]

Oregon AFSCME Community Partnerships Coalition Steering Committee
League Representative: Alice Bartelt

Oregon Alliance to Prevent Gun Violence
League Representative: Marge Easley
Group Contact: Jake Weigler

Oregon Coalition on Safety and Savings 
League Representative: Karen Nibler

Oregon Conservation Network
League Representatives: Peggy Lynch with Claudia Keith or Theresa Gibney, alternate.
Group Contact: Christy Splitt, External Affairs Director (503-224-4011, christy [at]

Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife (ODFW) External Budget Advisory Committee
League Representative: Peggy Lynch
Group Contact: Debbie Colbert (debbie.l.colbert [at]

Oregon Fair Courts Project League Representative: Alice Bartelt

Oregonians for Alternatives to the Death Penalty
League Representatives: Norman Turrill and Alice Bartelt
Group Contacts: Sam Cook, staff (971-340-0640, samcook [at]; Dr. Bill Long, President (drbilllong [at]; Ron Steiner (rsteiner [at]

Oregonians for Working Families
Group Contacts: Lee Mercer (lmercer [at]

Oregon Revenue Coalition
League Representatives: Alice Bartelt, alternate Peggy Lynch
Group Contact: Laurie Wimmer-Whelan

Our Oregon Coalition
League Representatives: Alice Bartelt
Group Contacts: Kevin Looper, Executive Director (503-239-8029, kevin [at]; Liz McCann (liz [at]

Oregon Women’s Health and Wellness Alliance
Group Contact: Debbie Runciman, legislative assistant to Carolyn Tomei

Renew Oregon
League Representative: Claudia Keith
Group Contact: Brad Reed, Communications Director, Renew Oregon 

Secretary of State’s advisory committee to monitor the electronic reporting system (HB 3458)
Group Contacts: SOS office

Task Force on Campaign Finance Reform (HB 2178)
League Representative: Norman Turrill
Group Contact: Secretary of State Jeanne P. Atkins, Chair Committee Administrator: Erin Seiler 

Water Resources Department Stakeholders Group
League Representative: Peggy Lynch
Group Contact: Tom Byler, Director

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