COVID 19 – File and Document Sharing for Leagues


This lists Dropbox, Google, and Microsoft One Drive, with a few other programs. We welcome your comments about your own experiences, especially with newer programs.


We have used Dropbox for years and it is great for organizing and sorting files into folders, then accessing and sharing them. It is not the best for concurrent committee member editing. We had a terrible time with members losing access links to specific shared files, not saving them to their own dropbox. We could use Dropbox tutorials! Please share any that you like. We understand LWV may be recommending a group rate for another program soon.

Using familiar programs with the full range of excel tools and word formatting in Dropbox is nice. We share Dropbox folders as document ToolBoxes, like the Voter Service Reps TOOLBOX, with folders for Debates, Policies, Ballot Measure Research, Volunteer form Templates, etc.

  • Free account storage space for documents: 2GB (free account max file size: None)
  • Paid accounts: (paid account max file size: None)
    • Plus, 2TB, $10/month
    • Professional, 3TB, $16.58/month
    • For businesses: Standard, 3TB, $12.50/user/month
    • Advanced, unlimited, $20/user/month
  • Additional business plan features: 120 day file recovery, admin console and audit log; remote device wipe


See comments for individual products. First open google accounts (google account creation page) and follow instructions: how to create a google account.

  • Docs- word processing We have successfully used Google docs for ongoing study (committee) drafts. This is very helpful to track changes, recommendation comments, reply to each other, make decisions, and resolve issues in the documents, as a virtual meeting!
    This works better for some groups than others. Our Action Committee struggles with concurrent testimony editing in email messages that bypass each other, sometimes prematurely granting approval. We’re trying to phase over to Google Docs, easy to forget the transition from emailing word docs, hard for some to learn, and simply not preferred by others. Formatting in Google docs is challenging if you already (and only) a “Word” user.
  • Slides- presentation builder. This sounds like Google’s answer to PowerPoint. Mutual editing in PowerPoint would probably have the same shortcomings as in Dropbox, making this preferable. We have tested Prezi and prefer it to PowerPoint! Editorial access can be shared and it is way cooler than PowerPoint.
  • Sheets- spreadsheets. We use these in various committees. Be careful with preserving important data with multiple member access.
  • Forms professional surveys builder
  • Drive: Forms are shared into Drive by committee members and then you need to save them and organize your drive so you can find them, same problem as Dropbox.
    • Free accounts: storage space: 15GB, max file size: 5TB (some exceptions)
    • Paid accounts: max file size: 5TB (some exceptions)
      • For individuals: 200GB, $2.50/month;
      • 2TB, $10/month; 10TB, $100/month; 20TB, $200/month;
      • 30TB, $300/month.
      • For businesses, with Drive Enterprise account: unlimited storage, $8/active user/month.
      • For businesses, with G Suite account: $6/user/month for 30GB; $12 to $25/user/month plans include unlimited storage.
    • Additional business plan features: 24/7 phone and email support; controls for security, privacy and compliance; centralized admin console; audit and reporting.

Microsoft OneDrive

We welcome comments from any who use this.

  • Free account storage space: 5GB
  • Paid accounts: max file size: 15GB
    • For individuals: Storage only, 100GB, $2/month
      • Office 365 Personal, 1TB, $70/year
      • Office 365 Home, 6TB (1TB each for 6 users), $100/year
      • additional storage available for Office 365 Personal and Home users, from 200GB for $2/month to 1TB for $10/month.
    • For businesses: Storage only, 1TB per user, $5/user/month
      or unlimited, $10/user/month
      • Office 365 Business Premium, 1TB per user, $12.50/user/month. Enterprise Office 365 plans are also available.
    • Other paid options: Ransomware detection and recovery; 24/7 phone support; advanced data-loss protection; preservation of deleted and edited documents for eDiscovery.

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See our guidelines on Virtual Meetings and Videos and Livestreaming.

Updated 3/16/2020.