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Oregon Wildfires and Vote by Mail

9/11/2020, updated 9/17/2020   Our hearts go out to those affected by our devastating wildfires around much of Oregon. The League supports emergency preparedness. Keeping Oregonians safe is an immediate priority. League members are here to help with voting information. Check for information on your ballots. Please see the links below for help. Please be safe,…
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Vote By Mail Best Practices in Oregon

8/21/2020   Oregon was the first full Vote by Mail (VBM) state so the current US Postal Service news deeply concerns us. See our current blog post about this. More states are scrambling to institute VBM, to protect voters from undue COVID exposure. We want to share information and hope it will help you. See…
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Recognizing Children’s Fundamental Rights and Climate Recovery Planning Resolution

9/28/2020 The League of Women Voters of Oregon (LWVOR) joins the National League of Women Voters In Endorsing Concurrent Resolution 47. Both Leagues passionately agree with the resolution in addressing “the rights of children, the disproportionate impacts from climate change on youth and the need for a national focused climate recovery planning process. It’s very…
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