Candidates US Congress: District 2

The term for US Representative is two years. The annual salary is $174,000.

We asked candidates for US Representative the same three questions:

  1. As a result of your experience with COVID-19, what changes would you like to see in the national health care system?
  2. What changes, if any, to immigration law would you want to pursue? Why?
  3. What should be the federal priorities for managing the economic impacts of the COVID-19 crisis.?

Here are their replies, as received with no edits or corrections:

Candidate did not respond by deadline

Cliff Bentz, Republican

  1. On changes to the national health care system.
  2. Increased funding for and use of telehealth systems; 2. Assuring that essential equipment, materials and medications are not subject to supply chain disruption; 3. improved access to more affordable health care by encouraging competition, greater variety in insurance products, increased numbers of mid-level providers and physicians; increased protections against malpractice claims; and identification of means of spending less by finding efficiencies in delivery of services.
  3. On any changes to immigration law.
  4. improved and streamlined H2A visa processes so that agricultural production is not further damaged; 2. Improved means of allowing highly educated and productive people to immigrate to the United States; 3. Continued border protection to ensure that the United State’s policy on immigration is not mooted by thousands illegally entering the country.
  5. On the economic impacts of the COVID-19 crisis.
  6. Help small business; 2. recognize that some working parents (especially moms) ability to work is being dramatically hurt by the closure of schools and by the lack of child care. They need to be helped and somehow the costs that they have incurred must be addressed. 3. Landlords are having to bear the cost of tenants not paying rent. They need to be made whole. 4. fix the tax law so that the PPP loans forgiven are not taxable by state of federal governments. 5. Address the deficit.

Alex Spenser, Democrat

  1. On changes to the national health care system.

So many lost their Healthcare when they lost their jobs. We need Healthcare as a matter of good government infrastructure that cares for everyone as a basic right. Just as good government ensures our roads and bridges are safe, it is time we care for our community in the most basic of ways – by providing a Universal Healthcare System that keeps everyone well, and ensures we are all cared for in a pandemic like the one facing us now.

  1. On any changes to immigration law.

We are a nation of immigrants, and that fact has created a strong and resilient United States of America. It is time we embrace a common-sense migration initiative that: *Allows those in our country now an expedited passport to citizenship *Reunites families of all the victims who have fallen prey to family separation  *Allows migration into the United States affording folks the dignity and respect of recognition for education and experience

  1. On the economic impacts of the COVID-19 crisis.

To heal the economic impact, we need:  •To ensure the people of Oregon and the United States keep their homes and are able to withstand the looming tsunami of evictions and foreclosures *To find a way to make our citizens whole again through financial relief packages leading to a universal basic income, ensuring the economic impact of future catastrophic events is less severe *Low interest fixed-rate loans for small businesses of 100 employees or less with a cap of a million dollars profit