FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Our Elections Are Secure

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Our Elections Are Secure



Rebecca Gladstone, President, LWVOR, 503.581.5722,

[Salem, Oregon] –We urge all eligible voters in Oregon and across the country to vote confidently this fall. Remember we don’t support or oppose candidates or political parties. We want you to know:

Vote by Mail is safe and convenient; Oregon voters across the political spectrum love it!
See our Vote By Mail Best Practices in Oregon with videos from Multnomah and Lane Counties.

Elections Clerks are here to help! Elections’ staff help in person, too. Rules protect voters as soon as ballot issuing begins, running through 8pm, Election Day. See Oregon’s Election Law Summary, page 42.

Our hearts go out to everyone impacted by wildfires. to be sure you still get your ballot. Contact your County Clerk directly for help.
Oregon ballots must still BE RECEIVED by 8pm on Election day.

Rebecca Gladstone, President of the League of Women Voters of Oregon:

“States look to Oregon as a national leader in elections reforms, leading with the first state-wide Vote by Mail, automatic Voter Registration, and now with pre-paid return envelopes. The League is working in new, still nonpartisan ways to Make Democracy Work, reinforcing that your votes matter and our ballots are secure. Please contact us at We can use your help.”

ELECTION PROTECTION LWVUS is a national coalition member, with a voting rights Hotline in multiple languages.

Call the Voter Hotline
#866-Our-Vote, (866) 687-8683.
Voter Protection lawyers will be on call for every state
1-888-VE-Y-VOTA (en Español)
1-888-API-VOTE (Asian multilingual)
1-844-YALLA-US (Arabic)

BE PATIENT! Every ballot will count. Allow time for a full, accurate vote count. Nationally, more mail-in ballots are expected this fall. Counting them securely takes time. Oregon ballot processing starts before election day and our results must be certified within 30 days.

ELECTION CONFIDENTIALITY Election results are not released before polls close on election day. After polls close, incoming results are posted live online. Individual ballot information is never released.

Oregon voter rolls are inclusive. Ballot mailing will start October 14th so the voter registration deadline is October 13th. Check your registration or register to vote in Oregon online with the Secretary of State at MyVote. In 2017, Oregon’s Secretary of State requested League support to avoid a purge of 60,000 voters. See the video Historic Voting Rights ballot expansion.

This week, Leagues are defending the state of Michigan in a voter purge lawsuit.

Christina Schlitt, President of the League of Women Voters of Michigan:

“The League of Women Voters is proud to intervene in defense of Michigan’s voters. This lawsuit is based on unjust, flawed notions of how election officials should maintain voter rolls, practices that can endanger eligible voters’ ability to participate in elections.”

Learn about your candidates and ballot measures. It’s important to cast informed votes. Enter your address to see your ballot’s candidate statements, videos, and more at:

OOPS! You can fix it! If you make a mistake, you can get a replacement ballot. Each ballot has a unique bar scan code that links to each voter’s information and signature on file with the DMV. Replacement ballots are coded to override earlier ballots so the voter’s final ballot is counted.

I urge all eligible voters to register and VOTE. Rebecca Gladstone, President, LWVOR