USPS Cutbacks Amid Vote By Mail Concerns

USPS Cutbacks Amid Vote By Mail Concerns


From LWVUS dated 8/18/2020: League Statement on the Postmaster General’s Reversal of USPS Changes Until After 2020 Election:

LWVOR members started writing last week, asking for League action amid delivery slowdowns and news of cutbacks. We are networking more than ever and LWVUS is responding! The League sued the Postmaster General over USPS Changes, filing on August 18.

Oregon was the first full Vote by Mail (VBM) state so the current US Postal Service mess deeply concerns us. LWVOR encourages voters to save taxpayers the postage in Oregon & use the ballot dropboxes (when you can). More states are scrambling to institute VBM, to protect voters from undue COVID exposure. CURRENT news abounds:

The Local View: Removing Mailboxes   

Members wrote (Thank You!) asking LWV to act on USPS cutbacks: mailbox removal, high-speed processor shutdowns, mail stacking up with delivery delays- serious concerns for Vote by Mail! Last Friday I called Ernie Swanson, USPS regional spokesperson in Seattle. He said some excess boxes were taken out where they had multiples in Eugene and Portland, now with less snail mail use. Sometimes they take out single ones for repair. He added they’re confident they can handle Oregon’s [election] mail, have for some time. The ballot envelopes are a unique size, can be sorted and handled quickly.

So I drove out to look. I’d wondered why there had been 4 in a row on Oak St. I understand the hospital doesn’t send out x-rays anymore from the 2nd one at the old University hospital, since moved to Springfield. We want the USPS to get the support it will need for Vote-by-Mail.

-Rebecca Gladstone, LWVOR President