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Video Voters’ Guide – Primary Election 2018

Find resources for the November 6th General Election here.

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The following video interviews and forum recordings are FREE NONPARTISAN ELECTION REPORTS for the Oregon May 15, 2018, General Election, produced by the LWV of Portland, LWV of Washington County, LWV of Marion and Polk Counties, and LWV of Clackamas County. Videos are linked here as they become available. All candidates in contested races are invited to participate. Some have unavoidable scheduling conflicts. 

LWV of Washington County: Washington County Candidates

LWV Washington County Candidate Forum

LWV of Portland: Multnomah County/Metro Area Candidates

Multnomah County Commissioner District 2 Candidate Forum
Multnomah County Auditor Candidate Forum
Multnomah County Chair Candidate Forum
Metro President Candidate Forum

LWV of Marion Polk Counties

Salem City Council Ward 4 Candidate Forum
Salem Municipal Court Judicial Candidate Forum

LWV of Clackamas: Statewide Candidates

Candidates for Oregon Governor

US Representative District 5
US Representative District 1
Bureau of Labor and Industries

LWV of Clackamas: Oregon State Senators

Oregon Senate, District 13

LWV of Clackamas: Metro Area Candidates

Metro District 2

LWV of Clackamas: Clackamas County Candidates

Metro District 2
Clackamas County Clerk

LWV of Clackamas: Oregon State Representatives

Oregon Representative District 26

LWV of Clackamas: Beaverton City Council Candidates

Beaverton CC, Position 2
Beaverton CC, Position 5

LWV of Clackamas: Judicial Candidates

Oregon Court of Appeals, Pos.10
Circuit Court Judges
Supreme Court Judges
Washington County District Attorney