We study issues:

Because we need detailed, reliable, carefully researched information.

So LWV members and citizens can reach their own conclusions.

To develop advocacy positions that can be used by our Action Team.


See our Study Archive Library!


Visit the LWVUS Study Archives! 


How do Studies get done?

The Board of Directors recruits a study committee that:


  • Researches- reading, interviews, tours, and speakers
  • Analyzes information
  • Clarifies issues
  • Identifies problems
  • Presents a comprehensive report to other LWV members
  • Writes a study report



How do we choose study topics?


  • Issues for our in-depth studies must
    • fall within League principles
    • be useful for Legislative advocacy (See LWVOR Action)
  • Before statewide Conventions, LWV members lobby for support,
    compare with other local Leagues, and submit proposals
    to the LWVOR Board of Directors.



What does the Board do?


  • Considers proposals
  • Recommends one or more studies



At Convention:


  • The Board presents recommended study proposals.
  • Supporters lobby delegates during Convention for stronger:
    • voting support
    • committee member commitment
    • even brainstorming possible grant sources
  • Other proposals may be considered (spontaneous, or not Board recommended).
  • Convention delegates compare, then vote on burning issues,
    committed volunteer support, and advocacy need.



What happens to study reports?


  • A balanced, educational study report is published and released for public use.
  • Members read and discuss reports.
  • With member understanding and agreement or consensus, LWV takes advocacy positions.