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Redistricting in Oregon

The League of Women Voters of Oregon is currently scheduling additional forums in 2019. Check back soon to attend a Redistricting Forum near you. Find an event.

Can’t attend an event? Watch the full presentation online here

LWVOR’s redistricting resources:

Redistricting Campaign Marketing Toolkit (PDF)

Redistricting in Oregon Presentation (PDF)

Additional redistricting media resources and toolkits:

United States Census Bureau. “Why We Conduct the Decennial Census.” Decennial Census of Population and Housing, www.census.gov/programs-surveys/decennial-census/about/why.html. Accessed 3 Oct. 2018.

LWVUS Redistricting Action Toolkit: https://www.lwv.org/league-management/voting-rights-tools/redistricting-action-kit

Redistricting Campaign Website: http://www.redistrictingmatters.org/

What is Gerrymandering?, VOX.com

Brennan Center for Justice. “50 State Guide to Redistricting.” http://www.brennancenter.org/analysis/50-state-guide-redistricting

League of Women Voters of Oregon Education Fund. Redistricting in Oregon, 2007

“Lines That Don’t Divide.” City Club of Portland [PDF Download]

Oregon Secretary of State Dennis Richardson. “Redistricting Reform Task Force.” http://sos.oregon.gov/Pages/independent-redistricting.aspx

FairVote, “Redistricting” http://www.fairvote.org/redistricting#research_redistrictingoverview