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Oregon Candidates General 2018

Below is an alphabetical list of all candidates running for offices around Oregon. We also produce an index sorted by race. These lists are compiled by volunteers of the League of Women Voters of Oregon. We checked websites and called County Clerks, City Elections Officials, the ORESTAR database and other sources. Please check with your local Elections officials if information is missing, then please let us know at lwvor@lwvor.org.

Find your district for the judicial races linked below. You can also find your legislative districts here.


Joanne D Aagaard (N)  Rockaway Beach City Mayor
Sandra A Abercrombie (REP)  State Representative, 5th District
Raymond Ackerman (N)  Cottage Grove City Councilor Ward 3
Patti Adair (REP)  Deschutes Co Commissioner Pos 3
Shannon Adair (N)  John Day City Council At-Large
Jim Adamek (N)  Powers City Council
Carolyn Adams (N)  Spray City Council Pos 1
Doni Adcock (N)  Haines Council (3 seats)
Tim Addison (N)  Drain City Councilor Pos 2
Jim Adkins (N)  Jefferson County Sheriff
Julie A Adkins (N)  Ashland City Council Pos 3
Bill Admes (N)  Klamath Falls City Council Pos 5
Gustavo Adolfo Pardo III (N)  Central Point Council Ward 1
James F Affa (N)  Oakridge City Councilor (4 year)
KyLee Aguier (N)  Ontario City Council
Mary Aguila (N)  Jordan Valley City Councilor Pos 2
Jane Aiken (N)  Salem Municipal Judge
Jim Akers (N)  Maywood Park City Councilor
Sami Al-Abdrabbuh (IND)  Benton Co Commissioner Pos 1
Olivia Alcaire (N)  Hillsboro City Council Ward 3 Pos A
David N Allen (N)  Newport City Council
JR Allen (N)  Vernonia City Council Pos A
Kyle Allen (N)  Hillsboro City Council Ward 2 Pos A
Mick Allen (N)  Sumpter Council Pos 1
Carol Allender (N)  Huntington Mayor
Hilda M Allison (N)  Hines City Council Pos 5
Teresa Alonso Leon (DEM, WFP)  State Representative, 22nd District
Dorene Ames (N)  Port Orford City Council (3)
Paul Anderes (N)  Union County Commissioner Pos 1
Tom Andersen (N)  Salem City Council, Ward 2
Andy Anderson  Moro City Mayor
Dick Anderson (N)  Lincoln City Mayor
Ellen Lee Anderson (N)  Reedsport City Councilor Pos 1
Margaret A Anderson (N)  Irrigon City Council
Witt Anderson (N)  Mosier City Councilor Pos 5
Todd Andres (N)  Klamath Falls City Council Pos 5
Darlene Andrews (N)  Coquille City Council
Larry Angland (N)  Sweet Home City Councilor (4)
Curt Ankerberg (N)  Medford Council Ward 1
Carly Annable (N)  Baker City Councilor (4 seats)
Robyn Ridler Aoyagi (N)  Judge of the Court of Appeals, Position 4
Mel Arent (N)  Chiloquin City Council Pos 2
Larry Armstrong (N)  Lincoln City Council, Ward III
Chuck Arrera (N)  Lane Co Upper Willamette SWCD At Large 1
Don Arthur  Rufus City Council Pos 2
Gena Arthur  Wasco City Council Pos 1
Randy Lee Arthur (N)  Lake Oswego City Council At-Large
Stan Ashbrook (N)  Dufur City Council Pos 2
Brian Asher (N)  Aurora City Council Pos 2
Greg Atkin (N)  Sublimity City Council
Michelle Blum Atkinson (DEM, WFP)  State Representative, 6th District
Aaron Auer (CON)  Governor
Guy Auker (N)  Columbia River PUD Pos 1
Darby Ayres-Flood (N)  Talent City Mayor
Paul Aziz (N)  Lebanon City Mayor
Jackie Bachman (N)  Ashland City Council Pos 3
Jim Bachman (N)  Ashland City Park & Rec Com Pos 4
Dustin Backman (N)  Myrtle Point City Council
James Bahrenburg (N)  Monument SWCD Pos 1
Robert S Bain (N)  Judge of the Circuit Court, 14th District, Position 3
Kathleen Baker (N)  Bay City Council Pos 1
Ken Baker (N)  Talent City Mayor
Mike Baker (N)  Douglas Co Transportation Board (7)
Henry A. Balensifer III (N)  Warrenton City Council Pos 5
Velda Bales (N)  Wallowa County Treasurer
Stephan A Ball (N)  Oakridge City Councilor (4 year)
Ross Ballard (N)  Nyssa City Council
Vincent Ballard (N)  Johnson City Councilor
Virginia Ballew Lauritsen (N)  Springfield City Utility Board, Pos 2
William “Bill” Banash (N)  Tigard City Council At-Large
Jay A. Barber (N)  Seaside City Mayor
Stan Barenboim (N)  Oakridge City Councilor (2 year)
Jeff Barker (DEM, REP, IND)  State Representative, 28th District
Brian Barnett (N)  Condon City Councilor
Leslie Barnett (N)  Long Creek City Council Pos 3
Greg Barreto (DEM, REP)  State Representative, 58th District
Dale Bates (N)  Heppner City Council Pos 4
Lisa Batey (N)  Milwaukie City Councilor 2
Robert Baugh, Jr (N)  Aumsville City Mayor
Alma Baxter (N)  Central Lincoln People’s Utility Dis, Sub 2
Wilbur (Bill) Beard (N)  Lexington Town Council Pos 1
Clay Bearnson (N)  Medford Council Ward 2
Phil Beasley (N)  Malin City Councilor (3)
Lacey Beaaty (N)  Beaverton City Council Pos 1
Randy Bechtol (N)  Maupin City Councilor
Jerry Beckham (N)  Fossil City Council Pos 2
Mark Bedard (N)  Reedsport City Councilor Pos 4
Stephen J Bedor (N)  Judge of the Circuit Court, 5th District, Position 9
Gary Bedortha (N)  Crook Co SWCD Pos 2
Judy Beebe (N)  Polk SWCD Director
Anthony (the Bear) Behrens (N)  Judge of the Circuit Court, 3rd District, Position 5
Mike Beilstein (PGP)  US Representative, 4th District
Julian Bell (N)  Ashland City Park & Rec Com Pos 4
Mary Faith Bell (N)  Tillamook City Council Pos 3
Jimmy L Belnap (N)  Malheur SWCD Dir Zone 2
Roxanne E Beltz (N)  Monmouth City Council
Shane T Bemis (NP)  Gresham Mayor
Mike Benefield (N)  Cannon Beach City Council At-Large
Joe Benetti (N)  Coos Bay City Mayor
Ronald Benfield (N)  Central Lincoln People’s Utility Dis, Sub 1
Chuck Bennett (N)  Salem City Mayor
Don Bennett (N)  Lowell City Council Pos 1
Ilah Bennett (N)  Dayville City Mayor
Janeille Hiatt Bennett (N)  Vale City Councilor
Beverly Benson (N)  Ione City Council Pos 5
Marnene E Benson-Wood  Sherman Co Treasurer
Robert S. Benton (N)  Hood River Co Commissioner Pos 3
Cliff Bentz (REP)  State Senator, 30th District
Ethan T Bentz (N)  Malheur SWCD Dir Zone 1
Jason ML Berglund (N)  Imbler City Council Pos 1
Joe Berney (N)  Lane Co Commissioner Pos 2
Rhett L.Bernstein (N)  West Linn City Municipal Court Judge
Frank Bettencourt (N)  Gilliam Co Commissioner Pos 1
Gary Bettencourt (N)  Gilliam Co Sheriff
Lee L Beyer (DEM)  State Senator, 6th District
Dave Beyerl (N)  Jefferson City Council
Balwant Bhullar (NP)  Fairview City Council Pos 4
Nathan Bigby (N)  Klamath County Assessor
Ray Biggs (CON)  State Senator, 16th District
Floyd Billings (N)  Monroe City Mayor
Dana Bird (N)  Cayonville City Mayor
Jenniffer Lou Bissonette (N)  Harrisburg City Council (3)
Monty Bixby (N)  Vale City Councilor
Paul B. Blackburn (N)  Hood River City Mayor
John M Blake (N)  Malheur SWCD Dir Zone 3
Ed Blakesley (N)  Aumsville City Council
Shawn Blanchard (N)  Tillamook Co Treasurer
Nancy Blankenship (N)  Deschutes Co Clerk
Bruce Bliven (N)  Enterprise City Council Pos 3
Earl Blumenauer (DEM)  US Representative, 3rd District
Nathan K Boddie (DEM)  State Representative, 54th District
Tom Boggs (N)  Sutherlin City Councilor
Denyc Nicole Boles (REP, IND)  State Representative, 19th District
Suzanne Bonamici (DEM, IND)  US Representative, 1st District
Daniel G Bonham (REP, IND)  State Representative, 59th District
Jake Boone (N)  Cottege Grove City Councilor Ward 1
Ron Boozell (Rondo) (N)  Bend City Councilor Pos 6
Dan Bosch (N)  Cave Junction City Councilor Pos 1
Donna Bowen (N)  Jacksonville City Council (3)
Wade Boxberger (N)  Huntington Council (3 seats)
Robert J Boyd (N)  Ontario Recreation Dist Director
Jay Bozievich (N)  Lane Co West Comm Pos 1
Michael Braden (N)  Ontario City Council
Jennifer Bragg (N)  Douglas Co Transportation Board (7)
Paul Brakeman (N)  Scotts Mills City Mayor
Frank Brannen (N)  Jackson Co Commissioner Dist 1
Jessi Brenneman (N)  Albany City Council Ward III-A
Bob Briana (N)  Sweet Home City Councilor (4)
Connie Briese (N)  La Pine City Mayor
Larry Briggs (N)  Dallas City Council
Machelle Briggs-Mayfield (N)  South Douglas Justice of the Peace
Charlie Briscoe (N)  Sumpter Council Pos 2
Bridget Brooks (N)  Tualatin City Council Pos 3
Matt Brougher (N)  Dufur City Council Pos 2
Dave Brown (N)  Columbia Co Sheriff
Jim Brown (N)  Haines City Mayor
Kate Brown (DEM, WFP)  Governor
Lawrence Brown (N)  Richland Council
Melissa L Brown (N)  Sheridan City Council At-Large
Russ L Brown (N)  The Dalles City Councilor Position #3
Doni Bruland (N)  Baker City Councilor
Katy Brumbelow (LBT)  State Representative, 27th District
Christine Brungardt (N)  Lafayette City Council At-Large 2
Frank Bubenik (N)  Tualatin City Mayor
Heather Buch (N)  Lane Co East Comm Pos 5
Joe Buck (N)  Portland Metro Councilor Dist 2
John Budlao (N)  Wilsonville City Councilor
Knute Buehler (REP)  Governor
Barbara Bull (N)  Corvallis City Council Ward 4
Jon Bullock (N)  Redmond City Council (3)
Garland Burback (N)  Cottege Grove City Councilor Ward 3
Chris Burchill (N)  Tualatin City Council Pos 5
Scott A Burge (N)  Scappoose City Mayor
Bill Burgess (DEM)  Marion County Commissioner, Pos 2
Rocky Burgess (N)  Elgin City Council
Emma Burke (N)  Lake Oswego City Council At-Large
Pamela Burkholder (N)  Ashland City Municipal Court Judge
Arlene C Burns (N)  Mosier City Mayor
Aaron Burris (N)  Tillamook City Council Ward 4
David Burt (N)  Tillamook PUD Sub Zone 1
Deanna L. Busdieker (N)  Cascade Locks City Council Pos 1
Jason Bushnell (N)  Philomath City Council (6)
Janelle S Bynum (DEM, WFP)  State Representative, 51st District
Debra A Byrd (N)  Powers City Council
Janice Byrd-Strand  Rufus City Council Pos 1
Darci Calhoun (N)  Lostine City Council 2
Bob Callahan (N)  Judge of the Circuit Court, 4th District, Position 30
Joshua V. Callahan (N)  Happy Valley City Councilor 3
Mark Callahan (REP)  US Representative, 5th District
Trish Callahan (N)  Butte Falls Town Council Pos 5
Kevin Cameron (REP)  Marion County Commissioner, Pos 1
Allen Campbell III (N)  Jackson Co SWCD At Large 1
Barb Campbell (N)  Bend City Councilor Pos 6
Becky Campbell (N)  Gold Beach City Council Pos 3
Brian Campbell (N)  Monument SWCD Pos 3
John Campbell (N)  Douglas Co Transportation Board (7)
Mark Campbell (N)  Waldport City Council
Rose Canga (N)  Madras City Council
Tom Cannon (N)  Gold Hill City Council (4)
Paul Canter (N)  Monroe City Mayor
Dan Capron (N)  Ontario City Council
Heidi K Careaga (N)  Sheridan City Council At-Large
Jon Carey (N)  Monmouth City Council
Gary Carl (N)  Oakridge City Councilor (4 year)
Bill Carlson (N)  Merrill City Mayor
Randell Carlson (LBT)  State Representative, 32nd District
Robert Carney (N)  Woodburn City Council, Ward 3
Barbara Carter (N)  Myrtle Point City Mayor
Billy Carter (N)  Ontario City Mayor
Lynn Carver (N)  Powers City Council
Nico Casarez (N)  Aumsville City Council
Sandi Cassanelli          (N)  Josepine County Clerk
Alonzo Castilla (N)  Creswell City Councilor Pos 3
Arthur Castor (N)  McNulty Water PUD Pos 2
Angelica Ceja (N)  Aumsville City Council
Andrea Ceniga (N)  Junction City Councilor
Jim Chambers (N)  Central Lincoln People’s Utility Dis, Sub 2
Kevin S Chambers (REP)  State Representative, 20th District
Kevin S Chambers (N)  Monmouth City Mayor
Jennifer Chapman (N)  Judge of the Circuit Court, 25th District, Position 2
John N. Chapman (N)  Seaside City Mayor
Patti Chappel (N)  Emerald People’s Utility Dist, Sub 2
Dave Chappelle (N)  Coquille City Council
John Chavez (N)  Metolius City Mayor
Nick Chen (LBT)  Governor
Chris Chenoweth (N)  McMinnville City Council Ward 1A
Edwin E. Chesnut (N)  Milton-Freewater City Council At-Large 3
Michael Chields (N)  Vale City Councilor
Leota Childress (N)  Molalla City Councilor
Bobby Christensen (N)  Arlington City Councilor Pos 2
Hubert G Christensen (N)  Linn Co SWCD Zone 1
Emily Christenson (N)  Scotts Mills City Council
Les Church (N)  Prairie City Council At-Large
Solomon Clapshaw (N)  Forest Grove City Council At-Large
Aletta Clark (N)  Lonerock City Councilor
Allen Clark (N)  Huntington Council
Cathy Clark (N)  Keizer City Mayor
Elvis Clark (N)  Milwaukie City Councilor 2
Jason Clark (N)  Talent City Council (2year) Pos 6
Jeff Clark (N)  Siletz City Council, Pos 1
Mike Clark (N)  Eugene City Councilor Pos 5
Krisanna Clark-Endicott (N)  Redmond City Council (3)
Samantha Clayburn (N)  Myrtle Point City Council
Gabe Clayton (N)  Aumsville City Council
Maggie Clayton (N)  St Helens City Council Pos 1 President
Brian Clem (DEM, IND, LBT)  State Representative, 21st District
Steve Clements (N)  La Grande City Mayor
Derek Clevenger (N)  Aumsville City Mayor
Terry Clinkenbeard (N)  Imbler City Council Pos 5
Justin Cobb (N)  Drain City Mayor
Shannon Cockayne (N)  Independence City Council Pos 2
Paulina Cockrum (N)  Gearhart City Council Pos 3
Dean Codo (N)  Corvallis City Mayor
Jerry (N)  Crook Co SWCD Pos 3
Beverly F Cole (N)  Roseburg City Councilor Ward 4 Pos 1
Dale Coleman (N)  Harbor PUD Sub 2(Pct 23)
Susan M.C. Coleman (N)  Sweet Home City Councilor (4)
John Colgan (N)  Cornelius City Council At-Large
Jim Bob Collins (N)  Wheeler SWCD Alternate 2
Andrew E Combs (N)  Judge of the Circuit Court, 15th District, Position 2
Susan Conn (N)  St Helens City Council Pos 3
Ryan C Connell (N)  Tillimook Co Justice of the Peace
Nancy Connolly (N)  Sisters City Council (3)
Buddy Cook (N)  Newberg City Mayor
Gordon ‘Doug’ Cook (N)  Lafayette City Council At-Large 2
James Cook (DEM)  Deschutes Co Commissioner Pos 3
Megan Cook (N)  Ontario Recreation Dist Director
Cydney Cooke (N)  Ontario City Council
Harry Cooley (N)  Sheridan City Mayor
Hans Coon (N)  Linn Co SWCD At large
Brian Cooper (NP)  Fairview Mayor
Sheena Corbus (N)  Coquille City Council
Matt Corey (N)  Judge of the Circuit Court, 14th District, Position 5
Peter B. Cornelison (N)  Hood River City Council Pos 1
Jonathan D Cornelius (N)  Boardman City Council
Mary Beth Cornwell (N)  Woodburn City Council, Ward 5
Thomas Cotter (N)  Vaneta City Councilor
Bob Cotterell (N)  Roseburg City Councilor Ward 3 Pos 1
Timothy D. Counihan (N)  Hood River City Council Pos 1
Jessica Countryman (N)  Hubbard City Council
Peter Courtney (DEM, WFP)  State Senator, 11th District
Mike Cowles (N)  Lane Co Assessor
Allen Cox (NP)  Gresham Mayor
Rich Cox Sr (N)  Sheridan City Council At-Large
Dusty Craig (N)  Scotts Mills City Council
Thomas J. Cramblett (N)  Cascade Locks Mayor
George Cramer (N)  Ashland City Council Pos 6
Bryan Cranston  Moro City Council At-Large
Robert Crawford (N)  Phoenix City Council (3)
Ted Crawford (N)  Dundee City Council At-Large
Thomas J Creasing Jr (N)  Hermiston City Municipal Judge
Mark Crenshaw (N)  Junction City Mayor
Shelaswau Crier (DEM)  Marion County Commissioner, Pos 1
Laura Cromwell (N)  Judge of the Circuit Court, 1st District, Position 4
Michael Cronk (N)  Condon City Councilor (3 open seats)
Rod Cross (N)  Toledo City Mayor
David D Cruickshank (N)  Yamhill County Soil & Water At-Large 1
Hannah Crumme (N)  Lake Oswego City Council At-Large
Michael W Cuff (N)  Lakeview City Council
Noelle Cummings (N)  Philomath City Council (6)
Rich Cunningham (REP)  State Representative, 14th District
Bill Currier (N)  Adair Village City Mayor
Jeannine E Cuthbertson (N)  Monroe City Council
Dann Cutter (N)  Waldport City Mayor
Brian Czarnik (N)  Aumsville City Council
Joe Dabulskis (N)  County Judge, Sherman County
Diane M Daggett (N)  Wallowa County Board of Commissioner Pos 3
David Dahle (N)  Lincoln City Mayor
William Daily (N)  Coquille City Council
Bill Dalbey (N)  Toledo City Council
James M Daley (N)  Willamina City Council At-Large
Jeffrey C. Dalin (N)  Cornelius City Mayor
Brian Dalton (N)  Dallas City Mayor
Paul Daniels (N)  Garibaldi City Council
Dave R. Daniel                         (N)  Josepine County Sheriff
Marion Dark (N)  Philomath City Council (6)
Rose Darting (N)  Halfway Council
Don Daugherty (N)  Rogue River City Council (4)
Paul Davies (N)  Central Lincoln People’s Utility Dis, Sub 1
Toni Davila (N)  Ontario Recreation Dist Director
Andrew Davis (N)  Bend City Councilor Pos 5
David A. Davis (N)  Wilsonville City Councilor
Dennis Davis (N)  Burns City Council Pos 4
Joe Davis (N)  Judge of the Circuit Court, 1st District, Position 9
Kiefer Davis (N)  Mitchell City Council Pos 2
Lori A. Davis (N)  Hermiston City Council Ward 1
Shelly Boshart Davis (REP)  State Representative, 15th District
Alan G Day (N)  Grants Pass City Council Ward 3 (unexpired term)
Stan Dean (N)  Jackson Co SWCD At Large 2
Michael DeBlasi (N)  Keizer City Council Pos 6
Dan R. DeBoie (N)  Wallowa County Board of Commissioner Pos 3
​Anthony R. DeBone (REP)  Deschutes Co Commissioner Pos 1
Morgan DeCarl (N)  Baker City Councilor
Peter A DeFazio (DEM, IND, PRO, WFP)  US Representative, 4th District
Vincent Defazio (N)  McNulty Water PUD Pos 5
Timothy L Dehne (PGP)  Benton Co Commissioner Pos 1
Kenny Delano (N)  Mt Vernon City Mayor
Craig Delarm (N)  Paisley City Council
Morganne L DeLeon (N)  Nyssa City Council
Zachariah Dell (N)  Gold Hill City Mayor
Virginia (Jenny) Demaris (N)  Lincoln County Commissioner, Pos 1
Daryl DeMoss (N)  Baker City Councilor
Rick Denton (N)  Huntington Mayor
Lori Chavez-DeRemer (REP, IND, LBT)  State Representative, 51st District
Chantal DesJardin (N)  Prairie City Council At-Large
Miff Devin (N)  Morrow Co SWCD Zone 1
John DeWenter (N)  Springfield City Utility Board, Pos 3
Teressa Dewey (N)  Imbler City Council Pos 5
Hilario Diaz (N)  Culver City Council Pos 6
Nancy L. Diaz (N)  Culver City Mayor
BJ DiCario (N)  Johnson City Councilor
Steve Dickson (N)  Medford Council Ward 1
Bill L Dillard Jr (N)  Nehalem City Mayor
Bill L. Dillard (N)  Nehalem City Mayor
David Dobin (N)  Medford Council Ward 1
M Adele Dockter (N)  Adrian City Councilor
Michelle Dodge (N)  Hubbard City Council
Adam Doherty (N)  Heppner City Council Pos 6
Brian Doherty (N)  Morrow Co SWCD Zone 3
Carolyn Doherty (N)  Wallowa County Treasurer
Margaret Doherty (DEM, WFP)  State Representative, 35th District
Stephanie J Dolan (N)  Talent City Council (4 year) Pos 3
Randy Dolinger (N)  Ashland City Council Pos 6
Matthew Donohue (N)  Mt Angel City Council
Thomas M Donohue (REP)  State Representative, 10th District
Riley Doraine (N)  Corvallis City Mayor
Matt Dotson (N)  Klamath Falls City Council Pos 3
Brian M. Douglass (N)  Bend City Councilor Pos 7 Mayor
Kim Downey (N)  Harrisburg City Council (3)
Devon Downeysmith (N)  Forest Grove City Council At-Large
Remy Drabkin (N)  McMinnville City Council Ward 3A
David Drafall (N)  Astoria Council Ward 1
Roy Drago, Jr (N)  Boardman City Council
Markley E. R. Drake (N)  Happy Valley City Councilor 1
Christine Drazan (REP, LBT)  State Representative, 39th District
Paul Drechsler (NP)  Gresham City Council Pos 4
Jennifer Drill (N)  Falls City Council
Sean Drinkwine (N)  Estacada City Mayor
Steve Druckenmiller  Linn Co Clerk
Joann Duarte  Grass Valley City Council Pos 1
William Duckett (N)  Riddle City Mayor
Andrew E. Dudley (N)  Cornelius City Council At-Large
Laural Dudley (N)  Powers City Council
Allan L Duffy (N)  Elgin City Mayor
Jesse Dugas (N)  Cave Junction City Councilor Pos 3
Daniel Dulaney (N)  Metolius City Council Pos 2
Robert (Bobby) Duncan (N)  Harrisburg City Mayor
Katy Dunsmuir (N)  Estacada City Council
Carol Dunten (N)  Harney Co Soil and Water Conservation District Director, Zone 3
Alice Durflinger (N)  Baker Co Treasurer
Gary Lyndon Dye (LBT)  US Representative, 3rd District
Rick Dyer (N)  Jackson Co Commissioner Dist 1
Doug Easterday (N)  Junction City Councilor
Kay Echauri (N)  Yamhill City Council At-Large
Brock Eckstein (N)  Elgin City Recorder
Ray Eder (N)  Mt Angel City Council
Roger O Ediger (N)  Grant Co SWCD At Large 2
Peter C. Edison (N)  Banks City Mayor
Doug Edmonds (N)  Philomath City Council (6)
Alison M Eggers (N)  Roseburg City Councilor Ward 1 Pos 1
Bryan Eggiman (LBT)  State Senator, 8th District
Fred Eiguren (N)  Malheur SWCD Dir Zone 5
Garth Eimers (N)  North Plains City Council At-Large
Slade Elbert (N)  Baker City Councilor
Carl Elliot (N)  Metolius City Mayor
Bob Elliott (N)  Lebanon City Councilor Ward 3
David Elliott (N)  Enterprise City Council Pos 2
Charlyn Ellis (N)  Corvallis City Council Ward 5
Tom Ellis (N)  Happy Valley Mayor
Mike Ellison (DEM, PRO, WFP)  State Representative, 19th District
Michael Elmore (N)  Chenowith Water PUD Subdivision Director 4
Royce W Embanks Jr (N)  Madras City Council
George Endicott (N)  Redmond City Mayor
Shelley Engle (N)  Detroit City Council
Janie Enright (N)  Echo City Council At-Large
Stacy Equitz (N)  Butte Falls Town Council Pos 4
Greg Ervin (N)  Cottege Grove City Councilor Ward 4
Judy Erwin (N)  Burns City Council Pos 4
Jack L Esp (REP)  State Representative, 21st District
Patrica Esplin (N)  Nyssa City Council
Gary Estep (N)  Burns City Council Pos 5
Richard Esterman (N)  Sisters City Council (3)
C. Jeffery Evans (N)  Albany City Council Ward II-A
Paul Evans (DEM, WFP)  State Representative, 20th District
Mary Jo Evers (N)  Ontario Recreation Dist Director
Lynn Ewing (N)  Maupin City Mayor
Carl Exner (N)  Sandy City Councilor 5
Katy Eymann (N)  Coos County Commissioner Pos 2
Mike Eyster (N)  Springfield City Utility Board, Pos 4
Shemia Fagan (DEM, IND, WFP)  State Senator, 24th District
James Fage (N)  North Plains City Council At-Large
Julie Fahey (DEM, IND, WFP)  State Representative, 14th District
Jim Fairchild (N)  Dallas City Council
June Falcon (N)  Haines Council
Vic Falgout (N)  Douglas Co Transportation Board (7)
Ryan Fall (N)  Elkton City Councilor
Skye Farnam (IND)  State Representative, 58th District
Crystal Farnsworth (N)  Haceta Water People’s Utility Dist Sub 3
Chris Farrar (N)  Clatsop SWCD At-Large
Elizabeth A Farrar (N)  County Judge, Gilliam County
Elizabeth Farrar (N)  Gilliam Co Judge
Patrick Farrell (N)  Mitchell City Mayor
Dwight D Faszer II (N)  Grants Pass City Council Ward 3 (unexpired term)
Jaimie A. Fender (N)  King City Council At-Large
Rudy Fenk (N)  Tillamook SWCD At-Large
Beverly Ficek (N)  Junction City Councilor
John Ficker (N)  Douglas Co Transportation Board (7)
William Joseph Fields (N)  Hillsboro City Council Ward 2 Pos A
 Trevor Fields  Sherman Co SWCD Pos 2
Samantha Filbin (N)  Dufur City Council Pos 6
Daren E Filosi (N)  Tillamook SWCD Pos 2
Milton Finch (N)  Port Orford City Council (3)
Lynn P Findley (DEM, REP, IND)  State Representative, 60th District
Stephanie Findley (N)  Newberg City Council Dist 6
Floyd Fisher (N)  Lebanon City Councilor Ward 2
Ed Fitch (N)  Redmond City Mayor
Patrick FitzGerald (N)  Yamhill County Soil & Water At-Large 2
Don Fleck (N)  Mt Angel City Council
Mike Fleck (N)  Cottege Grove City Councilor at Large
Zachary Flegel (N)  Crook Co SWCD At-Large
Alexander Flores (REP, IND)  State Senator, 15th District
Brad Ford (N)  Polk SWCD Director, Zone 3
Mike Foreaker (N)  Maupin City Councilor
Lloyd M. Forman (N)  Jefferson Co SWCD Pos 4
Jennifer Forsyth (N)  Melheur Co Treasurer
Robert Forsythe (N)  Dunes City Mayor
Lilly Foster (N)  Seneca City Council Pos 1
Robin Fournier (N)  Scotts Mills City Council
Darin Fowler   (N)  Josepine County Commissioner Pos 1
Andrew Freborg (N)  Corvallis City Council Ward 9
John Fredrick (N)  The Dalles City Councilor At Large
Kirk French (NP)  Gresham City Council Pos 2
Bill Froelich (N)  Jackson Co Sheriff
Barbara E Frye (N)  Yachats City Council
Alan Fujishin (N)  Lincoln County SWCD, Zone 2
Krissy Funk (N)  Paisley City Council
Amy Gaddis-Parker (N)  Gold Beach City Council Pos 5
Matthew G Galli (N)  Judge of the Circuit Court, 14th District, Position 5
Charles Gallia (DEM, WFP)  State Senator, 20th District
Robert B. Galyen (N)  Jefferson Co SWCD At-Large 2
Mark Gamba (N)  Milwaulie City Mayor
John Gambee (N)  Junction City Councilor
Robert Gambino (N)  Depoe Bay City of Mayor
Ginger Gann (N)  Culver City Mayor
Aaron Gant (N)  Estacada City Council
Mike Gardner (N)  Tillamook PUD Sub Zone 4
Mike Gardiner (N)  Ashland City Park & Rec Com Pos 3
Mindy Garlington (N)  Gladstone City Councilor 5
James Garratt (N)  Port Orford City Council (3)
Carole Garrison (N)  Prairie City Mayor
Shari Garza (N)  Antelope City Council Pos 3
Justin Gates (N)  Estacada City Council
Leanna Gautney (N)  McMinnville City Council Ward 1A
Zack Geary (N)  McMinnville City Council Ward 2A
Sara A Gelser (DEM, IND, WFP)  State Senator, 8th District
Elizabeth (Rogers) Gemeroy (N)  Newberg City Council Dist 2
Michael P George (N)  Clatskanie PUD Pos 3
Diane E. Gerson (N)  Sweet Home City Councilor (4)
James W (Jim) Gibson (N)  Columbia Co Sheriff
Kenneth W. Gibson (N)  King City Council At-Large
Morgann Gilmore (N)  Yamhill City Council At-Large
Janine M Gladfelter (NP)  Gresham City Council Pos 6
Bill Glassmire (N)  Corvallis City Council Ward 7
Jim Glawe (N)  Spray City Council Pos 1
Priscilla Gaylene Glidewell (N)  Stayton City Council
Erik Glover  Wasco City Council Pos 1
Kevin Gobelman (N)  Oakridge City Councilor (4 year)
Dietmar Goebel (N)  Newport Mayor
Ginger K. Goebel-Burns (N)  Wallowa County Treasurer
Jeff Golden (DEM, PRO, WFP)  State Senator, 3rd District
David M Goldthorpe (N)  District Attorney, Malheur County
David Golobay (N)  Happy Valley Mayor
David Gomberg (DEM, IND, WFP)  State Representative, 10th District
Jessica L Gomez (REP, IND)  State Senator, 3rd District
Mark F. Gomolski (N)  Hermiston City Council Ward 1
Howard Gonser (N)  NW Wasco Co PUD Subdivision Pos 4
Katie Gonzalez  (N)  Donald City Council
John Goodhouse (N)  Tigard City Council At-Large
Gena Goodman-Campbell (N)  Bend City Councilor Pos 5
Mikasi Goodwin (N)  Corvallis City Council Ward 3
Barbara (Bobbi) Gordon (N)  Lexington Town Council Pos 4
Jeremy Gordon (N)  Falls City Mayor
Chris Gorsek (DEM, WFP)  State Representative, 49th District
Carla Gottlieb  (N)  Brookings City Council Pos 3
Jeff Gowing (N)  Cottege Grove City Mayor
W Hal Grace (N)  Malheur SWCD Dir Zone 3
Erik Gradine (LIB)  Benton Co Commissioner Pos 1
Tonya Graham (N)  Ashland City Council Pos 2
Leo Grandmontagne (N)  Powers City Mayor
Jerome D Grant (N)  Depoe Bay City Council, Pos 4
Michael B. Grant (N)  Clackamas Co Assessor
Elizabeth Graser-Lindsey (DEM, IND)  State Representative, 39th District
Bill Graupp (N)  Aurora City Mayor
Mitch Greenlick (DEM, IND)  State Representative, 33rd District
Kenneth Gregg (N)  Jacksonville City Council (3)
Mark Gregg (N)  Banks City Council Pos 5
Tom Grey (N)  Scio City Council Pos 6
Sarah Grider (DEM, WFP)  State Senator, 13th District
Teri Grier (REP, IND, LBT)  State Representative, 9th District
Russell Griffin (N)  Sherwood City Council At-Large
Frank Griffith (N)  Ontario City Mayor
Mark S Griffith (N)  St Helens City Council Pos 1 President
Nancy Grimes (N)  Tualatin City Council Pos 5
Ken Gross (N)  Baker City Councilor
Bernie Grossman (N)  Eagle Point Council (3)
Manny Guerra (LBT)  State Representative, 44th District
David Gunderson (N)  Heppner City Council Pos 5
Gregg Haberly (N)  John Day City Council At-Large
Chris Hadfield (N)  Durham City Council At-Large
Donald Hadley (N)  Oakridge City Councilor (4 year)
Michelle L Hagen (N)  Irrigon City Council
William “Bill” Hahn (N)  Dallas City Council
Warren C Halcott (N)  Lincoln City Council, Ward III
Berta Hall (N)  Johnson City Councilor
Clifford Hall (N)  Benton Soil & Water Zone 1
CM Hall (N)  Newport City Council
Sherry L. Hall (N)  Clackamas Co Clerk
Tim Hall (N)  Garibaldi City Council
Risa Hallgarth (N)  Elgin City Council
Brian P Halvorsen (IND, PRO)  State Representative, 32nd District
Nathan Hammer (N)  Gilliam Co Treasurer
Brandon Hammond (N)  Boardman City Council
Eujeana Hampton (N)  Echo City Mayor
John Hanger (N)  Bonanza Town Council Pos 3
JoAnn A Hardesty (N)  Portland City Commissioner Pos 3
Joan M Harding (N)  Imbler City Council Pos 2
Erica Harold-Heine (N)  Banks City Council Pos 3
Michael Harper (N)  La Pine City Council (2)
Richard Harper (N)  Gilliam Co SWCD Zone 2
Kathryn A Harrington (N)  Washington Co Commissioner At-Large Chair
Boyd Harris (N)  Condon City Councilor
Jim Harrison (N)  Richland Council
Tom Harrison (REP)  US Representative, 3rd District
Walt Harrison (N)  Malin City Mayor
Leigh Harrod (N)  Silverton City Council
Leigh Harrod (N)  Marion County Soil and Water, Member at Large District 2
Bill Hartley (N)  Bonanza Town Council Pos 5
Bill Harvey (N)  Baker Co Commissioner Pos 3
Jim Hassing (N)  Condon City Mayor
Harvey Hatfield Jr (N)  Ontario Recreation Dist Director
Joel Haugen (N)  Scappoose City Council
Cedric Hayden (REP, IND)  State Representative, 7th District
Richard Hayes (N)  Winston City Mayor
Eric Haynie (N)  Hood River City Council Pos 1
Heather L Haywood (N)  Malin City Councilor (3)
Bobbi Jo Heany (N)  Harney Co Treasurer
Dallas Heard (REP)  State Senator, 1st District
Lucy A Hebert (N)  Sheridan City Council At-Large
Lars D. H. Hedbor (LBT)  State Representative, 28th District
Ron Hedenskog  (N)  Brookings City Council Pos 4
Traci Heidt (N)  Canby City Council
Henry B Heimuller (N)  Columbia Co Commissioner
Jeff Helfrich (REP, IND)  State Representative, 52nd District
Debbie Heller (N)  Coos County Clerk
Troy Hellickson (N)  Donald City Council
Ken Helm (DEM, IND)  State Representative, 34th District
Sharon Helms (N)  Wheeler County Commissioner
Cheri Helt (REP, IND)  State Representative, 54th District
Colin Hemphill (N)  Umatilla Soil & Water At-Large 2
Mark Hendershott (N)  Douglas Co Transportation Board (7)
Marland Henderson (N)  Tigard City Mayor
Scott Henderson (N)  La Pine City Council (2)
Rhiannon Henkels     (N)  Josepine County Clerk
Chris Henry (PRO)  Governor
Joe Henry (N)  Florence City Mayor
Douglas Henson (N)  Tillamook City Council Ward 6
Mark F Herbert (REP, IND)  State Representative, 11th District
Roland Herrera (N)  Keizer City Council Pos 4
Joan Herman (N)  Astoria Council Ward 3
Jill Hermansen (N)  Cottege Grove City Councilor Ward 3
Diego Hernandez (DEM, IND, WFP)  State Representative, 47th District
Frank Hernandez III (N)  Gladstone City Councilor 3
Luis Hernandez (N)  Cornelius City Council At-Large
James A (Jim) Herndon (N)  Medford Council Ward 2
Gunga Hescock (N)  Chiloquin City Council Pos 4
Ryan D Hess (N)  Rogue River City Mayor
Valli Hettinga (N)  Dayville City Council Pos 4
Marty Heyen (REP, IND)  State Representative, 22nd District
Suzie Hibbert (N)  Sodaville City Mayor
Kent Hickam (N)  Albany City Council Ward 1-A
Ashley Hicks (N)  Douglas Co Comm Pos 1
David Higgins (N)  Talent City Council (4 year) Pos 5
Cody High (N)  Hepper City Mayor
Josh Hilderbrand  Sherman Co SWCD At-Large
Josh Hill (REP)  State Representative, 40th District
Riley J Hill (N)  Ontario City Mayor
John Hillock (N)  Wallowa County Board of Commissioner Pos 3
Danielle Hinkley (N)  Gold Hill City Council (4)
Rodney Hoagland (N)  Harney Co Soil and Water Conservation District Director, Zone 4
Rick Hobart (N)  Vernonia City Mayor
Gary V Hodges (N)  Southwest Lincoln County Water People’s Utility Dis, Sub 3
Brian D. Hodson (N)  Canby City Mayor
Rachell Hoffman (N)  Corvallis City Council Ward 3
Roen Hogg (N)  Corvallis City Mayor
Micharl Hogsett (N)  Drain City Councilor Pos 4
Daniel Holbrook (N)  Dayton City Council At-Large
Debra J Holbrook (N)  Shaniko City Recorder
Betty A Holcomb (N)  Nyssa City Council
Dan Holladay (N)  Oregon City Mayor
Greg Holland (N)  Waldport City Council
Christina Hollett (N)  Oakridge City Councilor (4 year)
Sue Holliday (N)  Seneca City Council Pos 1
Kathy Holston (N)  Oakridge City Mayor
Michael L Holt (N)  Lincoln City Council, Ward III
James Holtz (N)  Ione City Council Pos 3
Paul R Holvey (DEM, IND, WFP)  State Representative, 8th District
Jim Holycross (N)  Maupin City Councilor
Paige Hook (N)  Stayton City Council
Don Hooper (N)  Clatskanie PUD Pos 4
Linda A Hooper (N)  Clatskanie PUD Pos 3
Rebekah Hopkins (N)  Tillamook City Council Ward 2
Steve Horning (N)  Turner City Council
Chad M Howard (N)  Monroe City Council
Stephen Howard (N)  Monmouth City Council
Hilary Howell (N)  Nehalem City Councilor Pos 1
Valerie Howell (N)  Spray City Mayor
Chris Hoy (N)  Salem City Council, Ward 6
James C Hoyt (N)  Douglas Co Comm Pos 1
Alec Hrynyshyn (N)  Lane Co Upper Willamette SWCD Zone 1
Anna Huerta (N)  Butte Falls Town Pos 6
Michael R. Hughes (N)  Bend City Councilor Pos 7 Mayor
Nate Hughes (N)  Merrill City Council Pos 4
John Hughto (N)  Malin City Councilor (3)
Melissa Huhtala (N)  Ashland City Recorder
Gary L Hulse (N)  Wallowa Mayor
Jill S Hult (N)  Vernonia City Mayor
Candy Humphreys (N)  Spray City Council Pos 2
Donna Hundley (N)  Coquille City Council
Danielle J Hunsaker (N)  Judge of the Circuit Court, 20th District, Position 10
Alvin Hunt (N)  Long Creek City Council Pos 3
Doug Hunt (N)  Lincoln County Commissioner, Pos 1
Nolan Huntington (N)  Lane Co Siuslaw SWCD Zone 1
Elizabeth (Betty) Huser (N)  Columbia Co Clerk
Duane K Hutchins (N)  Hines City Council Pos 6
Janet (N)  Prineville City Council
John L Hutzler (N)  Washington Co Auditor
Justin Hwang (REP, IND)  State Representative, 49th District
Cynthia K Hyatt (IND)  State Representative, 15th District
Katherine Hyzy (N)  Milawukie City Councilor 4
Nancy Ibarra (N)  Bonanza Town Council Pos 2
Jody A Ingham (N)  Carlton City Mayor
Sharon Inskeep (N)  Heppner City Council Pos 5
Christy Inskip (DEM, WFP)  State Representative, 7th District
Steve Irving (N)  Milton-Freewater City Council At-Large 2
Jerry J Jackson Sr (N)  Philomath City Mayor
Scott Jackson (N)  Benton Co Sheriff
Richard R Jacobson (LBT)  US Representative, 4th District
Danny Jaffer (DEM, IND, PRO, WFP, PGP)  State Representative, 23rd District
Bronson D James (N)  Judge of the Court of Appeals, Position 2
John V Jamison (N)  Antelope City Council Pos 2
Dana W Jenkins (N)  Lincoln County Clerk
Edwin L Jenkins (N)  Tillamook PUD Sub Zone 1
Ruth Jenks (N)  Eagle Point City Mayor
Gary Jensen (N)  Lane Co Upper Willamette SWCD Zone 3
Stephen Jensen (N)  Ashland City Council Pos 6
Audina Jephson (N)  Glendale City Council Pos 3
Alex Johnson II (N)  Albany City Council Ward II-A
Bessie Johnson (N)  Albany City Council Ward III-A
Betsy Johnson (DEM, REP, IND)  State Senator, 16th District
Joanne Johnson (N)  Merrill City Council Pos 2
Kelly Johnson (N)  Central Point Council Ward 2
Michele Johnson (N)  Toledo City Council
Patrick Johnson (N)  Newberg City Council Dist 4
Royal L Johnson (N)  Monmouth City Council
Ryan C Johnson (NP)  Gresham City Council Pos 4
Susan K. Johnson (N)  Hood River City Mayor
Victor Johnson (N)  Bend City Councilor Pos 5
Cynthia Johnsrud (N)  Douglas Co SWCD Zone 1
Aden S Johnston (N)  Malheur SWCD Dir Zone 4
Jim Johnston (N)  Canyon City Council
Joshua Ryan Johnston (LBT)  State Representative, 34th District
Tom (TJ) Johnston (N)  Forest Grove City Council At-Large
Benjamin Jones (NP)  Gresham City Council Pos 4
Bruce Jones (N)  Astoria City Mayor
Chas Jones (N)  Philomath City Council (6)
Dowen Jones  Rufus City Council City Mayor
Edward L Jones (NP)  Fairview City Council Pos 5
Katie Jones (N)  Haines Council
Adam Jones-Mayor (N)  Glendale City Mayor
Karen B. Joplin (N)  Hood River Co Commissioner Pos 1
Thomas A Jost Jr (N)  Ontario City Council
Heather Jukich (N)  Toledo City Council
Bob Jung (N)  Turner City Council
Patricia Jungmann (N)  Prineville City Council
Ed Junkins (N)  Corvallis City Council Ward 8
Mary Justus (N)  Ontario City Mayor
Solea Kabakov (DEM)  State Senator, 30th District
Dawn Sea Kahrs (N)  Wheeler City Council Pos 1
Steve Kalina (N)  Curry Co SWCD Dist At Large
Betty Kamikawa (N)  Toledo City Council
Mark Karnowski (LBT)  State Representative, 23rd District
Connie J Karp (N)  NW Wasco Co PUD Subdivision Pos 5
Cyndi Karp (N)  Waldport City Council
Stacey Karvoski (N)  Enterprise City Mayor
Phil Kaser (N)  Wasco SWCD Director At Large #2
Marty Katz (N)  Roseburg City Councilor Ward 2 Pos 1
Tami Kaufman (N)  Gold Beach City Council Pos 5
Adam Keaton (N)  Harrisburg City Council (3)
Joanne Keerins (N)  Grant Co SWCD Pos 1
Patrick Kelly (N)  Dundee City Council At-Large
Tim Kelly (N)  Ashland City Park & Rec Com Pos 3
Alissa Keny-Guyer (DEM, IND, WFP)  State Representative, 46th District
Tim Kerns (N)  Baker Valley Soil and Water Zone 3
James Kerti (N)  Yachats City Council
Kevin L Ketner (N)  Chiloquin City Council Pos 6
Merle Keys (N)  Dufur City Mayor
Dennis Kiely (N)  Burnt River Soil and Water Zone 2
Eileen Kiely (DEM)  State Representative, 53rd District
Jim Kindle (N)  Hepper City Mayor
Allen King (N)  Glendale City Council Pos 4
Bill King (N)  Sandy City Mayor
Charline King (N)  Adair Village City Council (2)
Jerry P King (N)  Aurora City Council Pos 2
Jim King (N)  Wheeler City Council Pos 2
Joel T King (N)  Grants Pass City Council Ward 4
Jim Kingsbury (N)  Sublimity City Mayor
M A Kinnaird (N)  Coos County Sheriff
Ray Kinney (N)  Lane Co Siuslaw SWCD At Large
Sharon R Kintrea (N)  Shaniko City Council
Stefanie Kirby (N)  Baker Co Clerk
Marsha Kirk (N)  Banks City Council Pos 1
Tim Kirsch (N)  Mill City Mayor
Rachel Kittson-MaQatish (N)  Judge of the Circuit Court, 23rd District, Position 3
Jim aka James A.Klaas (N)  Hood River City Council Pos 1
Brad Klann (N)  Jefferson Co SWCD Pos 2
Elizabeth Klein (N)  Molalla City Councilor
Suzanne Knapp (N)  Maupin City Mayor
Jonathan L. Knapp         (N)  Josepine County Sheriff
Bruce Alexander Knight (LBT)  State Representative, 42nd District
Charles Kochlacs (N)  Judge of the Circuit Court, 1st District, Position 4
Francis Kocis (N)  Canyon City Council
Candy Koetz (N)  Philomath City Council (6)
Dan Kohler (N)  Keizer City Council Pos 6
Robert Kohn (N)  Powers City Mayor
Marc W Koller (IND, Grn, PRO)  US Representative, 3rd District
Sharon Konopa (N)  Albany City Mayor
Cecelia Koontz (N)  Monmouth City Mayor
Greg Korn (N)  Sweet Home City Councilor (4)
Lonnie Koroush (N)  Monroe City Council
Stan Kosmicki (N)  Lafayette City Council At-Large 1
Wayne D. Kostur (N)  Athena City Council Pos 1
Tina Kotek (DEM, WFP)  State Representative, 44th District
Linda Kozlowski (N)  Manzanita City Council Pos 1
Jamie Kranz (NP)  Troutdale City Council Pos 3
Antonia Kreamier (NP)  Fairview City Council Pos 6
Tawnya Kreft (N)  Dallas City Council
Paige Kreisman (N)  Corvallis City Council Ward 5
Tom Kress (N)  Douglas Co Comm Pos 1
Linda Kristich (N)  Shady Cove City Mayor
Wendy Krostag (N)  Bay City Council Pos 1
Christopher Kruebbe (N)  Bay City Mayor
James Kuhn (N)  Port Orford City Council (3)
Casey Kulla (N)  Yamhill County Commissioner Pos 1
Diane Kusz (N)  Lincoln City Council, Ward II
Chris B Labhart (N)  John Day City Council At-Large
Laine LaBrecque (N)  Hines City Council Pos 5
John R Lackey (N)  Union County Commissioner Pos 2
David Lacombe (N)  Eagle Point Council (3)
Richard Ladeby (N)  Madas City Mayor
Dick Lager (N)  McNulty Water PUD Pos 1
Jennifer Lake (N)  Sumpter Council Pos 2
JoAnna C Lamb (N)  Irrigon City Council
Candace Lamb-Solesbee (N)  Cottege Grove City Councilor Ward 3
Daria land (N)  Talent City Council (4 year) Pos 1
Joshua Langlais (N)  Bend City Councilor Pos 7 Mayor
Robert (Scott) Langum (N)  Lakeview City Council
Shawn Lapof (N)  Keizer City Council Pos 5
John Large (N)  Emerald People’s Utility Dist, Sub 3
Carolyn Sue LaRoche (N)  Port Orford City Council (3)
Emmaleigh Larson (N)  Dayville City Council Pos 2
Gordon J Larson (N)  Grant Co Commisssioner Pos 1
Sandy Lathrop (N)  Wallowa County Clerk
Mike Lattin (N)  Richland Mayor
Steven LaVelle (N)  Harbor PUD Sub 1(Pct 2&25)
Jackie Lawson (N)  Dallas City Council
Roberta J Lawson (N)  Willamina City Council At-Large
Teresa D. Lawson    (N)  Brookings City Mayor
Joyce Lawyer (N)  North Powder City Council Pos 2
Drew A Layda (LBT, PGP)  US Representative, 1st District
Mike Layton (N)  Coquille City Council
Jim Leach (N)  Junction City Councilor
Scott Learn (N)  Multnomah Co Auditor
Austin Lee (N)  Junction City Councilor
Larry Lee (N)  Benton Soil & Water Zone 5
Steve Lee (N)  Corvallis City Council Ward 1
Barbara Leff (N)  Depoe Bay City Council, Pos 6
Charlotte D. Lehan (N)  Wilsonville City Councilor
Gary Leif (REP)  State Representative, 2nd District
Val Lemings (N)  Scotts Mills City Council
Rick Lendt (N)  Ashland City Park & Rec Com Pos 5
Frank L Lengele Jr (LBT)  State Senator, 4th District
Thalia Lerin (N)  Westfir City Council
Brandon Lesowske (N)  Scappoose City Council
Joseph Michael Letosky (N)  Dayville City Council Pos 3
Jacqueline Leung (N)  Salem City Council, Ward 4
Christine Lewis (N)  Portland Metro Councilor Dist 2
Deborah Lewis (N)  Gold Beach City Council Pos 1
James Lewis (N)  Jacksonville City Council (3)
Jim Lewis (N)  Salem Councilor, Ward 8
Ralph R Lewis (N)  Stayton City Council
Rick Lewis (REP, IND)  State Representative, 18th District
Don Libby (N)  Medford Council Ward 3
Stuart E Liebowitz (N)  Douglas Co Transportation Board (7)
Joe F Liedtky (N)  Reedsport City Councilor Pos 1
Bert A. Lieuallen (N)  Tigard City Council At-Large
Gary L Lillard (N)  La Grande City Council Pos 5
John K Lindsey  Linn Co Commissioner Pos 1
Roy Lindsey (N)  Grants Pass City Council Ward 1
Diana Lindskog (N)  Independence City Council Pos 1
Ann Lininger (N)  Judge of the Circuit Court, 5th District, Position 2
David A Lisle (N)  Shaniko City Council
Tami K. Little (N)  Clackamas Co Assessor
John Lively (DEM, REP, IND, WFP)  State Representative, 12th District
Frank J Lonergan (N)  Woodburn City Mayor
Rochelle Long (N)  Klamath County Clerk
Darcy Long-Curtiss (DEM, WFP)  State Representative, 59th District
Donald Longacre (N)  Island City Council Pos 4
Daniel Loomis (N)  Douglas Co Comm Pos 1
Marilyn Loomis (N)  Cayonville City Mayor
Chris Lopez (N)  Monmouth City Council
Donna Lopiparo (N)  Lonerock City Councilor
Todd E Lounsbury (N)  Granite City Council At-Large 1
Raymond Love (NP)  Gresham City Council Pos 4
David M Low (N)  Philomath City Council (6)
Vineeta Lower (REP)  State Representative, 32nd District
​Amy Lowes (DEM)  Deschutes Co Commissioner Pos 1
Jan Lowry (N)  Mt Vernon City Council At-Large
Wayne Lowry (N)  Deschutes Co Treasurer
Geraldine Lucio​ (N)  Florence City Councilor (2)
Kevin Luckini (N)  Baker City Councilor
Ron Lundbom (N)  John Day City Mayor
Michael E. Lundstron (N)  Barlow City Mayor
Chris Luz (N)  Phoenix City Mayor
Orrin Lyon (N)  Milton-Freewater City Council Ward 1
Hyatt Lytle (N)  Corvallis City Council Ward 3
Damon Mabee (N)  Oregon City Mayor
Carol E MacInnes (N)  Fossil City Mayor
Colleen MacLeod (N)  Union County Commissioner Pos 1
Michael W Maffei (N)  Powers City Council
Greg Mahler (N)  Sweet Home City Councilor (4)
Pat Malone (DEM)  Benton Co Commissioner Pos 1
Sheri Malstrom (DEM, WFP)  State Representative, 27th District
Max Mania (NON)  Benton Co Commissioner Pos 1
Robert Manicke (N)  Judge of the Oregon Tax Court
Delwin B. Manley (N)  Stanfield City Council At-Large
James I Manning Jr (DEM, REP, IND, WFP)  State Senator, 7th District
John E Manthe Jr (N)  Detroit City Council
Jackie Manz (N)  Lake Oswego City Council At-Large
Kelly Margheim (N)  Arlington City Councilor Pos 1
Rick Mark (N)  Lincoln City Council, Ward III
Kyle Markley (LBT)  State Representative, 30th District
Philip Marler (N)  Coos Bay City Council
Michael Marsh (CON)  US Representative, 3rd District
Pam Marsh (DEM, IND, WFP)  State Representative, 5th District
Meadow Martell (N)  Cave Junction City Mayor
Stephanie A. Martell (N)  Myrtle Point City Council
Daniel Martin (N)  Myrtle Point City Council
Lucille Martin (N)  Glendale City Council Pos 5
Monika Martin (N)  Scotts Mills City Council
Ryan Martin (N)  Elgin City Council
Susan Mascall (N)  Baker Valley Soil and Water At Large
Matt Meske (N)  Westfir City Mayor
Kenneth Masten (N)  Klamath SWCD Zone 2
Catherine Mater (N)  Corvallis City Council Ward 2
Mark J. Matheson (N)  Oregon City Mayor
Donald Mattersdorff (N)  Lake Oswego City Council At-Large
Summer Matteson (N)  Gold Beach City Council Pos 1
Carmen Matthews (N)  Coos Bay City Council
Lillian Matthews (N)  Huntington Council
Charles Maughan (N)  Corvallis City Council Ward 2
April Maxwell (N)  Shady Cove City Council (2)
Logan Mayfield (N)  Boardman City Council
Keith Mays (N)  Sherwood City Mayor
Rich Mays (N)  The Dalles City Mayor
Massene Mboup (N)  Lake Oswego City Council At-Large
Rob McAfee (N)  Lincoln County Treasurer
John McArdle (N)  Independence City Mayor
Jenny McCabe (N)  Tigard City Council At-Large
Dave McCall (DEM)  State Representative, 25th District
Chase McClung (N)  Prairie City Council At-Large
Linda McCollum (N)  Reedsport City Mayor
Alyssa McConnel (N)  Douglas Co Comm Pos 1
Sarah McCormick (N)  Bend City Councilor Pos 6
Matt McCowen (N)  Cove City Council
Robbie McCoy (N)  Vaneta City Councilor
Tom McCoy  Sherman Co Commission, Pos 2
Oran McCrae (N)  Wallowa City Council
Jim McElligott (N)  Morrow Co SWCD Zone 2
Howard McEwen (N)  Ashland City Park & Rec Com Pos 5
Timothy J McGlothlin (N)  The Dalles City Councilor Position #1
Nikki McGraw (N)  Dayton City Council At-Large
Dick McGregor (N)  Shady Cove City Council (2)
Patricia L McGuire (N)  Judge of the Circuit Court, 4th District, Position 27
Jennifer McGuirk (N)  Multnomah Co Auditor
Barbara McKenzie (N)  Dufur City Council Pos 4
Louis F McKenzie (N)  Shaniko City Council
Caddy McKeown (DEM)  State Representative, 9th District
John A. McKinney  (N)  Brookings City Council Pos 3
Todd McKnight (N)  Sutherlin City Mayor
Susan McLain (DEM, WFP)  State Representative, 29th District
Mike McLane (REP, IND)  State Representative, 55th District
Mike (Mac) Mclaughlin (N)  Vale City Mayor
Mike McLean (N)  Imbler City Mayor
Jamie McLeod-Skinner (DEM, WFP)  US Representative, 2nd District
Josh McMillin (N)  Oakridge City Councilor (4 year)
Antonio Medel (NP)  Gresham City Council Pos 4
Mark Meek (DEM, WFP)  State Representative, 40th District
Anthony Meier (N)  Falls City Council
Matt Mejia (N)  Ontario Recreation Dist Director
Nikolas Melchior (N)  Halfway City Mayor
Craig J Melton (N)  Columbia River PUD Pos 2
Carlos F Mendoza (N)  Adrian City Councilor
Dorothy Merritt (REP)  State Representative, 30th District
Tom Mersereau (N)  Gladstone City Mayor
Jessie M. Metta (N)  Hood River City Council Pos 1
Sheldon Meyer (N)  Dunes City Councilor (3)
Darren D. Michel (N)  Barlow City Councilor #1
Bent O Mikkelsen   (N)  Emerald People’s Utility Dist, Sub 2
Michael Milch (N)  Gladstone City Councilor 1
Jean Ann Miles (N)  Cave Junction City Councilor Pos 3
Myron Miles (N)  Baker Valley Soil and Water Zone 1
Rob Miles (N)  Coos Bay City Council
Connie Miller (N)  Turner City Council
Earl Miller (N)  Klamath SWCD Zone 3
Gary D Miller (N)  Hines City Council Pos 4
Lisl Miller (N)  Judge of the Circuit Court, 25th District, Position 2
Michael A. “Sasha” Miller (N)  Astoria City Mayor
Ralph A. Miller (N)  Hood River Count City Council Pos 1
Sheila Miller (N)  Lexington Town Council Pos 3
Scott Miller    Wasco City Council Pos 2
Steve Milligan (N)  Monmouth City Council
Maureen Miltenberger (N)  Florence City Councilor (2)
Johnny Mims (N)  Hines City Council Pos 6
John C Miner (NP)  Wood Village City Council Pos 4
William Minter  Wasco City Council Pos 1
A. Miranda (N)  Tigard City Council At-Large
Charles P Mitchell II (N)  Yamhill City Mayor
Jane Z Mitchell (N)  Riddle City Councilor Pos 5
Laura Mitchell (N)  Beaverton City Council Pos 2
Mike Mitchell (N)  Oregon City Commissioner 4
Tiffiny K Mitchell (DEM, WFP)  State Representative, 32nd District
Steve Moe (N)  Springfield City Council Ward 2
David Molina (REP, IND)  State Representative, 29th District
Linda S. Monahan (N)  Tigard City Mayor
Bryan Montague (N)  Mt Vernon City Council At-Large
Tita Montero (N)  Seaside City Council Pos 2
Michelle J Montross (N)  Maywood Park City Councilor
Nick Moon (NP)  Troutdale City Council Pos 5
Don Mooney (N)  Canyon City Council
Ken Moore (DEM, WFP)  State Representative, 24th District
Kimberly A Moore (N)  Elkton City Councilor
W John Moore (N)  Yachats City Mayor
Nicholas Morace (N)  Newberg City Mayor
Eddy Morales (NP)  Gresham City Council Pos 2
Jerry Morgan (DEM)  State Representative, 3rd District
Michael Morris (N)  Ashland City Council Pos 2
Paul F. Morrison (N)  Tualatin City Mayor
Dan Morrow (N)  Long Creek City Council Pos 4
Michael Morse (N)  North Powder City Council Pos 5
Doug Morten (N)  St Helens City Council Pos 1 President
Marilyn Morton (N)  Independence City Council Pos 2
Bill Moseley (N)  Bend City Councilor Pos 7 Mayor
John L Mosier (N)  Siletz City Mayor
Cary Mounce (N)  Creswell City Mayor
Eric Muehter (N)  Hillsboro City Council Ward 1 Pos A
Tryna Muilenburg (N)  Metolius City Mayor
George L. Murdock (N)  Umatilla Co Commissioner Pos 1
Harry M Myers (N)  Monroe City Council
Jason Myers (N)  Marion County Sheriff
Michael D Myers (N)  Jefferson City Mayor
William A Namestnik (LBT)  State Representative, 29th District
Jan Napack (N)  Corvallis City Council Ward 1
Cortney S Nash (N)  Sweet Home City Councilor (4)
Shellie Nash (N)  Huntington Council
Nancy Nathanson (DEM, REP, IND, WFP)  State Representative, 13th District
Leigh Nauman (N)  Phoenix City Council (3)
Brian Nava (N)  Clackamas Co Treasurer
Brian T. Nava (N)  Clackamas Co Treasurer
David Neal (N)  Linn Co SWCD Zone 3
Mike Nearman (REP)  State Representative, 23rd District
Jason D Nehmer (N)  Newport City Council
Crystal Neideigh (N)  Silverton City Council
Adrienne Nelson (N)  Judge of the Supreme Court, Position 5
Storr Nelson (N)  Dundee City Council At-Large
Tim E Nelson (LBT)  State Representative, 26th District
Courtney Neron (DEM)  State Representative, 26th District
Dan Neujahr (N)  Estacada City Council
Shieila M Neuman (N)  Lafayette City Council At-Large 2
Peter W Newport (N)  Gold Hill City Mayor
Liz Newton (N)  Tigard City Council At-Large
Richard (Rick) W. Newton (N)  Warrenton City Council Pos 4
Stephanie Newton  Linn Co Commissioner Pos 1
Michael Ngo (REP)  State Representative, 34th District
Daniel Mguyen (N)  Lake Oswego City Councilor
Daniel Nguyen (N)  Lake Oswego City Council At-Large
Bruce Nichols (N)  Baker Co Commissioner Pos 3
Eric Niemann (N)  Philomath City Mayor
Bob Niemeyer (REP, IND)  State Representative, 35th District
Bruce Nissen (NP)  Wood Village City Council Pos 1
Ron Noble (REP, IND)  State Representative, 24th District
Vickie Noel (N)  Klamath County Treasurer
Debbie North (N)  Powers City Mayor
Barbara Northington (N)  Seneca City Council Pos 1
Rob A Nosse (DEM, IND, WFP)  State Representative, 42nd District
Jacob “Toby” Notenboom (N)  Douglas Co Transportation Board (7)
Debbie Sims Nuber (N)  Scio City Council Pos 3
Steve Nutall (N)  Manzanita City Council Pos 2
Ashley S O’Toole (N)  La Grande City Council Pos 7
Michael J. Oates (N)  Hood River Co Commissioner Chair
Scott Officer (N)  Prairie City Council At-Large
Holly Ogan (N)  Keating SWCD At Large
Jordan Ohrt (N)  Stayton City Council
Derek Ojeda (N)  Yachats City Council
Nancy Oksenholt (N)  Lincoln City Council, Ward II
Pat Oliver (N)  Nyssa City Councilor
Brandy Olmstead (N)  Coquille City Council
Rick Olmsted (N)  Donald City Mayor
Alan R Olsen (REP, IND)  State Senator, 20th District
Dick Olsen (N)  Albany City Council Ward 1-A
Neil Olsen (N)  Central Point Council Ward 1
David J Orr (N)  Judge of the Circuit Court, 1st District, Position 9
Sharon A. Orr (N)  Culver City Council Pos 2
Ximena Orrego (N)  Yamhill County Soil & Water Zone 1
Bill Osburn (N)  Gladstone City Councilor 5
Maggie Osgood (N)  Lowell City Council Pos 4
Kathryn Otero (N)  Myrtle Creek City Councilor Pos 4
Andrew (Andy) J Otte (N)  Mt Angel City Mayor
Jessie R Owens (N)  Shaniko City Council
Brad Oxenford (N)  Donald City Mayor
Christopher Paasch (N)  Curry Co Commissioner Pos 1
Beach Pace (N)  Hillsboro City Council Ward 1 Pos A
Tisha Packard (N)  Prairie City Council At-Large
Anthony Pagano (N)  Gold Beach City Council Pos 3
Chris Page (N)  Coberg City Council
Debbie Palmer (N)  Crook Co Treasurer
Kyle Palmer (N)  Silverton City Mayor
Ronald Palmer (N)  Gold Hill City Council (4)
Sam Palmer (N)  Grant Co Commisssioner Pos 1
Mario Palmero (NP)  Gresham City Council Pos 4
Jeff Papke (N)  Prineville City Council
Ann Parker (N)  Coquille City Council
Bill Parker (N)  Spray City Mayor
Greg Parker (N)  Canby City Council
John Parker (N)  Douglas Co Transportation Board (7)
Ryan Parker (N)  Newport City Council
Shawn Parker (N)  Cove City Council
Erik S Parks (REP)  State Senator, 8th District
Dawn Parm (N)  Condon City Councilor
Julie Parrish (REP, IND)  State Representative, 37th District
Kevin D Parrish (N)  Emerald People’s Utility Dist, Sub 3
Mitch Parsons (N)  Lincoln City Council, Ward I
Bob Pascalar (N)  Rogue River City Council (4)
Jay Patrick (N)  Redmond City Council (3)
Sara M. Patrick (N)  Cascade Locks City Council Pos 2
Neil Pattee  Grass Valley City Mayor
Rich Patten (N)  Reedsport City Councilor Pos 5
Rodney Patten  Wasco City Council Pos 1
Deb Patterson (DEM, WFP)  State Senator, 10th District
David Patty (N)  Stayton City Council
Rock Paul (N)  Wheeler County Commissioner
Kayla Paulsen (N)  Lafayette City Council At-Large 1
Micah Paulsen (N)  King City Council At-Large
Tony Paulson (N)  Cave Junction City Mayor
Sal Peralta (N)  McMinnville City Council Ward 1A
Brenda Percy (N)  Grant Co Clerk
Lynette Perry (N)  Baker City Councilor
Roger W. Perry (N)  Sodaville City Council (2)
Walt Perry (N)  Jefferson City Council
Al Petersen (N)  St Helens City Mayor
Julie Peterson (N)  Myrtle Creek City Councilor Pos 4
Karen Peterson (N)  Bonanza Town Mayor
Shaena Peterson (N)  Bay City Mayor
Tyler Peterson (N)  Junction City Councilor
Jeff Pfeifer (N)  Nehalem City Councilor Pos 4
Abbey Phelps  Moro City Council At-Large
Christine Phillips (N)  Vale City Councilor
Dana Phillips (N)  Seaside City Council Pos 3 & 4
Ken Phillips (N)  Tillamook PUD Sub Zone 4
Nick Phul (N)  Curry Co SWCD Dist Zone 1
Regina Picke (N)  Merrill City Council Pos 4
Jake Pieper   (N)  Brookings City Mayor
David J. Pierce (N)  Rivergrove City Council Pos 1
Selma Pierce (REP, IND)  State Representative, 20th District
Brian Pierson (REP, IND)  State Representative, 27th District
Jeremy Pietzold (N)  Sandy City Councilor 1
Carla C Piluso (DEM, IND, WFP)  State Representative, 50th District
Brian Pixley (N)  Columbia Co Sheriff
Teri L Plagmann (N)  Judge of the Circuit Court, 23rd District, Position 3
David N. Platt (N)  King City Council At-Large
Josh Poling (N)  Scappoose City Council
Elenor Ponomareff (N)  Talent City Council (4 year) Pos 5
Denise Porter (N)  Long Creek City Council Pos 4
Don Porter (N)  Long Creek City Mayor
Henry “Hank” A Porter (N)  Stayton City Mayor
Walt Porter (N)  Tillamook PUD Sub Zone 5
Walt Porter (N)  Tillamook SWCD Pos 1
Vincent Portulano (N)  Douglas Co Transportation Board (7)
Craig Portwood (N)  Shady Cove City Council (2)
Bill Post (REP, IND, LBT)  State Representative, 25th District
Tom Potter (N)  Aurora City Council Pos 1
Yvette Potter (N)  Yamhill City Mayor
David C Poulson (REP, IND)  State Senator, 19th District
Faith Powell (N)  Richland Mayor
Karin Power (DEM, REP, IND)  State Representative, 41st District
Steven R Powers (N)  Judge of the Court of Appeals, Position 7
Alex Poythress (N)  Medford Council Ward 1
Micael Preedin (N)  Sisters City Council (3)
Frances M Preston (N)  Prairie City Mayor
Harold Preston  Grant Co Justice of the Peace
Darrick Price (N)  Dayton City Council At-Large
Harry Price (N)  Columbia River PUD Pos 5
Robert Price (N)  Huntington Council
Stan Primozich (N)  Yamhill County Commissioner Pos 1
Tiffany Prince (N)  The Dalles City Councilor Position #3
Robert C Prinslow (N)  Hubbard City Council
Kevin Prociw (N)  Creswell City Councilor Pos 3
Brenda Profitt (N)  Boardman City Council
Floyd Prozanski (DEM, IND, WFP)  State Senator, 4th District
Rachel Prusak (DEM, WFP)  State Representative, 37th District
Richard G. Pullen (N)  Umatilla Co Commissioner Pos 1
Stan P. Pulliam (N)  Sandy City Mayor
Marsallai Quick (N)  Hines City Council Pos 5
Michael G Quilty (N)  Central Point Council Ward 2
Shiela Quintero (N)  Jordan Valley City Councilor Pos 4
Glenn Raber (N)  Mitchell City Council Pos 3
Robert Radford (N)  Adrian City Councilor
Brian Rake (N)  Carlton City Mayor
Jeremy R Rametes (N)  Lafayette City Council At-Large 2
Christopher A Ramras (N)  Judge of the Circuit Court, 4th District, Position 15
Richard M. Randall (N)  Cascade Locks City Council Pos 1
Shira Randall (N)  Riddle City Councilor Pos 4
Diane Rapaport (N)  Hines City Council Pos 4
Stu Rasmussen (N)  Silverton City Mayor
Bret P Ray (N)  Adair Village City Council (2)
Chad Ray (N)  Echo City Council At-Large
Dan Rayfield (DEM, IND, WFP)  State Representative, 16th District
Robb Rea (N)  Island City Mayor
Jeff Reardon (DEM)  State Representative, 48th District
Debbie Reed (N)  Columbia River PUD Pos 1
Mark J Reed (N)  Scappoose City Council
Donald Reesman (N)  Oakridge City Mayor
Anthony Rex Reeves (N)  Mitchell City Council Pos 4
Chrissy Reitz (DEM, WFP)  State Senator, 26th District
Bill Relyea (N)  West Linn City Councilor
E. Werner Reschke (REP, IND, LBT)  State Representative, 56th District
Deb Reuter (NP)  Troutdale City Council Pos 5
Elizabeth J Reye (REP, LBT)  State Representative, 33rd District
Maria A. Reyes (N)  Tualatin City Council Pos 1
Brian Reynolds (N)  Tillamook City Council Ward 3
Karen Reynolds (N)  Forest Grove City Council At-Large
Kathy Rich (N)  Carlton City Council At-Large
Larry Rich (N)  Roseburg City Mayor
Lena Richardson (N)  Shady Cove City Mayor
Dan Richer (N)  La Pine City Mayor
Kathie Richey (N)  Maupin City Councilor
Heather Ricks (LBT)  State Representative, 49th District
Raymond Rienks (N)  Baker City Councilor
Wayne Rieskamp  (N)  Lebanon City Councilor Ward 1
Kristi Rifenbark (N)  Roseburg City Councilor Ward 4 Pos 1
Ashley Rigel (N)  Cottege Grove City Councilor at Large
Josephina Riggs (N)  Redmond City Council (3)
Judy Riggs (N)  Garibaldi City Mayor
Richard Riker (N)  Grants Pass City Council Ward 2
Chuck Riley (DEM, WFP)  State Senator, 15th District
Darren Riordan (NP)  Fairview City Council Pos 6
Randy Ripley (N)  Gladstone City Councilor 1
David Ripma (NP)  Troutdale City Council Pos 1
Karen Rippberger (DEM, WFP)  State Representative, 55th District
Robin Risley (N)  Cannon Beach City Council At-Large
Jessica Ritchie (N)  Lyons City Councilor (2)
Colleen Roberts (N)  Jackson Co Commissioner Dist 3
Dale N Roberts (N)  Paisley City Council
Goldie Lee Roberts (N)  Shaniko City Mayor
Mark R Roberts (IND)  US Representative, 2nd District
Charity Robey (N)  Burns City Council Pos 6
Arthur B Robinson (REP, CON)  US Representative, 4th District
Justin B Rock (N)  La Grande City Council Pos 7
Roger Rocka (N)  Astoria Council Ward 1
Freddy Rodriguez (N)  Ontario City Council
Marc Rogelstad (N)  Boardman City Council
Dale R Rogers (N)  South Douglas Justice of the Peace
Rick Rogers (N)  Newberg City Mayor
Sheri Rogers (N)  Summerville City Council Pos 1
Scott Rohter (REP, CON)  State Senator, 4th District
Dennis Roler (N)  Grants Pass City Council Ward 3 (unexpired term)
Eldon Rollins (DEM)  State Representative, 1st District
Peter Roscoe (N)  Clatsop Co Commissioner Dist 3
Tim Rosener (N)  Sherwood City Council At-Large
Robert (Bob) Rossifer (N)  Jefferson City Council
Charles Rostocil (N)  Hubbard City Mayor
Samantha Rowan (N)  Sumpter Mayor
Alan W Rowe (N)  Adair Village City Council (2)
Dale Rowe (N)  Junction City Councilor
Matt Rowe (N)  Coquille City Council
Judy Rowland (N)  Oakridge City Councilor (4 year)
Christine Ruck (REP)  State Senator, 6th District
Alan A Ruden (N)  McMinnville City Council Ward 2A
Rod Runyon (N)  The Dalles City Councilor At Large
David Russ (N)  Dundee City Mayor
Sally Russell (N)  Bend City Councilor Pos 7 Mayor
Jon Rutherford (N)  Elgin City Mayor
Tom Ryan (N)  Roseburg City Councilor Ward 2 Pos 1
Seth A Rydmark (REP)  State Representative, 39th District
Teresa Sajonia (N)  Joseph City Council
Andrea Salinas (DEM, REP, IND)  State Representative, 38th District
Kris Taylor Sallee (N)  Aurora City Mayor
Jeremy A Salter (N)  Douglas Co Comm Pos 1
Megan Salter (DEM)  State Representative, 2nd District
Cindy Sample (N)  Sheridan City Council At-Large
Elizabeth A Samul (N)  Antelope City Council Pos 4
Marc San Soucie (N)  Beaverton City Council Pos 5
Tawna Sanchez (DEM, REP, IND, WFP)  State Representative, 43rd District
Marvin Sandnes (PGP)  US Representative, 5th District
Rosalba Sandoval-Perez (N)  Dayton City Council At-Large
William D (Dennis) Savage (N)  Nyssa City Council
Dean Sawyer (N)  Newport Mayor
Matt Scarfo (N)  Union County Commissioner Pos 2
Bill Schaefer (N)  Myrtle Point City Mayor
Sharon Schaub (N)  Woodburn City Council, Ward 4
Rodney Schaubroeck (N)  Grants Pass City Council Ward 4
Diana M Schera-Taylor (N)  Columbia Co Justice of the Peace
Mary Schiefelbein (N)  Bonanza Town Council Pos 4
Randy Schiewe (N)  Baker City Councilor
Michael Schilling (N)  Dallas City Council
Gery Schirado (N)  Durham City Council At-Large
William Schmidt (N)  Douglas Co Transportation Board (7)
Rick Scholl (N)  St Helens City Mayor
Kurt Schrader (DEM, IND)  US Representative, 5th District
Leif M. Schrader (N)  Myrtle Point City Council
Sandra Schukar (N)  Polk SWCD Director
Brian Schumacher (N)  Sublimity City Council
Robert Schwartz (REP)  State Senator, 6th District
Adam Schwend (N)  Tillamook City Council Pos 3
George Sconbuchner (N)  Douglas Co SWCD At Large 1
D Scott Rutter (N)  Winston City Councilor Ward 2
Doug Scott (N)  Sherwood City Council At-Large
Mike Scott (N)  Manzanita City Mayor
Michael Seager (N)  Vernonia City Council Pos A
Jim Sears (N)  Silverton City Council
Michelle Seeley (N)  Boardman City Council
Cheryl Seely (N)  Crook Co Clerk
Stefani Seffinger (N)  Ashland City Council Pos 4
Della Seney (N)  Aumsville City Council
Kenny Sernach (LBT)  State Senator, 20th District
John M. Shafer (N)  Umatilla Co Commissioner Pos 2
Steven Shaffer (N)  County Judge, Gilliam County
Steven Shaffer (N)  Gilliam Co Judge
Terry L. Shankle (N)  Molalla City Councilor
Barry Shapiro (DEM)  State Representative, 18th District
Norm (Bud) Shattuck (N)  Garibaldi City Council
Brian Shaw (N)  Oregon City Comissionar 1
Joseph R. Sheahan (N)  Hood River City Council Pos 1
David Shein (N)  Dallas City Council
Katelyn Shelton (N)  Lostine City Council 1
Stan Shephard (N)  Wasco SWCD Director Zone #4
John Shepherd (N)  Hillsboro City Council Ward 2 Pos A
Greg W Sheppard (N)  Detroit City Council
Diana M Shera Taylor (N)  Columbia Co Justice of the Peace
Stephanie Sheridan (N)  Richland Council
Brett M. Sherman (N)  Happy Valley City Councilor 3
Martha Sherwood (LBT)  State Representative, 8th District
Michael Shields (N)  La Pine City Council (2)
Lana Michel Shira (N)  Cove City Council
Bryan L. Short (N)  Estacada City Council
Kathy M Short (N)  Depoe Bay City Council, Pos 5
Bethany Shultz (N)  Sandy City Councilor 2
Michael Shunk (N)  Phoenix City Council (3)
Angie Shurtleff (N)  Haines Council
Nathan Sickler (N)  Jackson Co Sheriff
Lori Jean Sickles (N)  Falls City Council
David W Simmons (N)  Polk SWCD Director, Zone 2
Sherrie Simmons (N)  North Plains City Council At-Large
Kathi Simonetti (N)  Coquille City Mayor
Ronald Ray Simonis (N)  Granite City Council City Mayor
Benjamin M Simons (N)  Yoncalla City Mayor
Joshua Simonson (N)  Amity City Council Pos 6
Rebecca Simpson (N)  Central Point Council Ward 1
Mary Sinclair (CON)  Sinclair
Brad Sitton (N)  Newberg City Council Dist 6
Alek Skarlatos (N)  Douglas Co Comm Pos 1
Ila Skyberg (N)  Willamina City Mayor
Yvonne Sher Skye (N)  Coquille City Council
Laurie J. Smallwood (N)  Sandy City Councilor 2
Billie Jo Smith (N)  Toledo City Mayor
Charley R Smith (N)  Albany City Mayor
Clay R Smith (N)  NW Wasco Co PUD Subdivision Pos 3
Dana Smith (N)  Silverton City Council
David Brock Smith (REP, IND)  State Representative, 1st District
Elizabeth Smith (N)  Keizer City Council Pos 5
Greg Smith (DEM, REP, IND)  State Representative, 57th District
Joan Smith (N)  Elkton City Councilor
Kenneth E Smith (N)  Summerville City Council Pos 3
Kerry Smith (N)  Gearhart City Council Pos 1
Loretta Smith (N)  Portland City Commissioner Pos 3
Mike Smith (N)  County Judge, Sherman County
Paul C Smith (N)  John Day City Council At-Large
Rachel Lyles Smith (N)  Oregon City Commissioner 4
Ray Smith (N)  Coberg City Mayor
Rickey Smith (N)  North Plains City Council At-Large
Rocky Smith (N)  Oregon City Comissionar 1
Ruth Smith (N)  Roseburg City Councilor Ward 4 Pos 1
Barbara Smith Warner (DEM, REP, IND, WFP)  State Representative, 45th District
Ron Smith (N)  Josepine County Commissioner Pos 1
Jason B. Snider (N)  Tigard City Mayor
Susan Snow (N)  Dunes City Councilor (3)
Jim Snyder (N)  Phoenix City Council (3)
Janeen Sollman (DEM, IND, WFP)  State Representative, 30th District
Benjamin N Souede (N)  Judge of the Circuit Court, 4th District, Position 30
Dan Souza (LBT)  US Representative, 5th District
Shannon Souza (DEM, WFP)  State Senator, 1st District
(Capt) Jack Sparrow (N)  Lincoln City Council, Ward II
Carol M Speed (N)  Athena City Council Pos 3
Sandra Speer (N)  Wheeler County Treasurer
Linda Spencer (N)  Butte Falls Mayor
Jason J. Sperr (N)  Stanfield City Council At-Large
Melanie K Sperry (N)  Fossil City Council Pos 1
Brian Spivey (N)  Ione City Council Pos 4
Audy Spleithof (N)  Oakridge City Councilor (4 year)
Tim Spratling (N)  Umatilla Soil & Water At-Large 1
Sherrie Sprenger (REP, IND)  State Representative, 17th District
Lou Sprinstead (N)  Long Creek City Council Pos 3
Marie l Sproul (N)  Lafayette City Mayor
Jim Stafford (N)  Lincoln County SWCD, Zone 1
Christina Stanley (N)  Gold Hill City Mayor
Edward Stanton (N)  Jackson Co Commissioner Dist 3
Duane A Stark (DEM, REP, IND)  State Representative, 4th District
Patrick Starnes (IND)  Governor
Don G Starr (N)  Island City Council Pos 6
Stevew Stearns (N)  Coberg City Council
Laurie Steele (N)  Marion County Treasurer
Sam Steidel (N)  Cannon Beach City Mayor
Kevin Stein (N)  Medford Council Ward 3
Elizabeth Steiner Hayward (DEM, REP, IND)  State Senator, 17th District
Tammy Stempel (N)  Gladstone City Mayor
David Sterner (N)  Vernonia City Mayor
Fay Stetz-Waters (N)  Judge of the Circuit Court, 23rd District, Position 1
Andy R Stevens  Linn Co Assessor
Brian Stevens (N)  The Dalles City Councilor At Large
Henry Stevens (N)  Myrtle Creek City Councilor Pos 2
Lewis E Stevenson (N)  Medford Council Ward 4
Ronald Still, Jr. (N)  Eagle Valley Soil and Water At Large
Kathy Stinnett  Grant Co Justice of the Peace
Kat Stone (N)  Douglas Co Transportation Board (7)
Ann Stott (N)  Yachats City Mayor
Brian G Stout (REP, IND)  State Representative, 31st District
Terri L Strom (N)  Toledo City Council
Amanda Stroud (N)  Yoncalla City Mayor
Andrew Struthers (N)  Corvallis City Council Ward 9
Wayne Stuart (N)  Rogue River City Council (4)
Brad Studebaker (N)  Gold Hill City Council (4)
Pearl R Sturm (N)  Joseph City Council
Jesse Stutzman  Sherman Co SWCD Pos 1
Ashley Sullivan (N)  Enterprise City Council Pos 3
Edward Sullivan (N)  Burnt River Soil and Water At Large
Gary Sullivan (N)  Myrtle Point City Council
Gary Sullivan (N)  Linn Co Commissioner Pos 1
Michelle Sumner (N)  Sutherlin City Councilor
Johnny Sundstrom (N)  Lane Co Siuslaw SWCD Zone 2
Tim Svenson (N)  Yamhill County Sheriff
Greg Swedenborg (N)  Cannon Beach City Council At-Large
John W Sweet (N)  Coos County Commissioner Pos 3
Larry O Sweet (N)  Oakridge City Councilor (4 year)
Eric Swenson (N)  Woodburn City Mayor
Marshall Swope (N)  Arlington City Councilor Pos 3
David Sword (N)  Lafayette City Council At-Large 2
Nick Tacheny (N)  Happy Valley City Councilor 1
Tom Takacs (N)  Independence City Council Pos 4
Shari Tarvin (N)  Shady Cove City Council (2)
Mike Tavenner (N)  Douglas Co Transportation Board (7)
Dulcye Taylor (N)  Astoria City Mayor
Jerred Taylor (DEM, WFP)  State Representative, 15th District
Michael Taylor (N)  Lake Co Sheriff
Niki Taylor (N)  Lakeview City Council
Rod Taylor (N)  Ione City Mayor
Jo Teel (N)  Coquille City Council
Jerry D. Tenbush, Jr. (N)  Estacada City Council
Robert L Terry (N)  Washington Co Commissioner At-Large Chair
Stan Terry (N)  Island City Council Pos 1
Kim Thatcher (REP, IND, LBT)  State Senator, 13th District
Eddy Thiel (N)  Ontario City Council
Charlotte Thomas (N)  Harrisburg City Council (3)
Curt M. Thomas (N)  Harrisburg City Council (3)
Dennis Thomas (N)  Scio City Council Pos 1
Matthew Thomas (N)  Philomath City Council (6)
Sandie Thomas (N)  Junction City Councilor
Jeri Lynn Thompson (N)  Curry Co Commissioner Pos 1
Ron Thompson (N)  Forest Grove City Council At-Large
Sally J Thompson (N)  Athena City Council Pos 5
Chuck Thomsen (REP, IND)  State Senator, 26th District
Branden Thueson (N)  Central Point Council Ward 3
Amy Thuren (N)  Jackson Co Commissioner Dist 1
Perry Thurston   Moro City Mayor
Greg Tidey (N)  Port Orford City Council (3)
Gary Tiffin (N)  Turner City Mayor
Dusty Tippet (N)  Lostine City Mayor
Patti Tippett (N)  Tillamook PUD Sub Zone 1
Dane Tippman   (N)  Brookings City Council Pos 3
Kathy E. Tittle (N)  Cascade Locks Mayor
Debby Todd (N)  Haceta Water People’s Utility Dist Sub 1
Tracy Todd (N)  Gladstone City Councilor 5
Dan Tofell (N)  Klamath Falls City Council Pos 4
Stephen R Topaz (N)  St Helens City Council Pos 3
Bernice Torrez (N)  Gold Beach City Council Pos 1
Ted Tosterud (NP)  Fairview Mayor
Brian T. Towey (N)  Hood River City Council Pos 1
Joe Town (N)  Wallowa City Council
Biff Traber (N)  Corvallis City Mayor
Matt Tracy (N)  Gladstone City Councilor 3
Grehm Trask (N)  Benton Soil & Water Zone 4
Richard Traver (N)  Vernonia City Council Pos A
Donald R Treanor (N)  Shaniko City Council
Dennis Triglia (N)  Brookings City Council Pos 4
Steven Tripp (N)  Mitchell City Council Pos 6
Bob Trotter (N)  Imbler City Council Pos 6
Gayle Trotter (N)  Melheur Co Clerk
Barbara A Trout (N)  Tillamook PUD Sub Zone 5
Tony L Trout (N)  Mill City Councilor
Peter B. Truax (N)  Forest Grove Mayor
Donald Tucker (N)  Southwest Lincoln County Water People’s Utility Dis, Sub 5
Peggy Sue Tucker (N)  Antelope City Mayor
Taylor Tupper (DEM)  State Representative, 56th District
Bill Turner (N)  Southwest Lincoln County Water People’s Utility Dis, Sub 2
Debby Turner (N)  Reedsport City Councilor Pos 6
Agnas Turner-Wise (N)  Malin City Councilor (3)
Keith Tymchuk (N)  Central Lincoln People’s Utility Dis, Sub 5
Steve Uffelman (N)  Prineville Mayor
Leslie Vaaler (N)  Yachats City Council
Jerry L Valencia (N)  Lowell City Council Pos 4
Lloyd R. Valentine Jr. (N)  Lyons City Mayor
Ann Van Osdol (N)  Mosier City Councilor Pos 3
Todd L Van Rysselberghe (N)  Judge of the Circuit Court, 5th District, Position 7
Richard S Vander Velden (N)  Douglas Co Comm Pos 1
Shawn Varwig (N)  Canby City Council
Will Vaughn (N)  Burnt River Soil and Water Zone 3
Amanda Vaughn-La Bell (PRO, WFP)  State Representative, 54th District
Debra E Velure (N)  Judge of the Circuit Court, 2nd District, Position 1
John Verbeek (REP)  US Representative, 1st District
Patty Verbovanec (N)  Mitchell City Council Pos 2
Angela Vermillion (N)  Phoenix City Council (3)
Gary L Vess (N)  Winston City Mayor
Rich Vial (REP, IND)  State Representative, 26th District
David S Vian (N)  Yoncalla City Councilor Pos 2
Rick Vicek (N)  Imbler City Council Pos 3
Scott Vigil (N)  Stayon City Mayor
Jeff Virden (N)  Adrian City Councilor
Paul A Virtue, Sr (N)  Waldport City Council
Daina (N)  Circuit Court Judge Dist 22 Pos 3
Daina A Vitolins (N)  Judge of the Circuit Court, 22nd District, Position 3
Carol Voisin (N)  Ashland City Council Pos 4
Katharine von Ter Stegge (N)  Judge of the Circuit Court, 4th District, Position 10
Seth vonBorstel  Moro City Council At-Large
George N. Vorhauer (N)  Athena City Council Pos 1
Natalie Voruz (NP)  Fairview City Council Pos 5
Gene Vroman (N)  Yoncalla City Councilor Pos 3
Micki Vroman (N)  Yoncalla City Mayor
Jack Waddell (N)  Independence City Mayor
Ellen Wagenaar (N)  Gilliam Co Clerk
Julie C. Wagner (N)  Cascade Locks City Council Pos 1
Rob Wagner (DEM, WFP)  State Senator, 19th District
Susan Wahlke (N)  Lincoln City Mayor
Eileen Wainwright  Wasco City Council Pos 2
Greg Walden (REP)  US Representative, 2nd District
Terry A Walhood (N)  Rockaway Beach City Councilor
Chris Walker (N)  Jackson Co Clerk
Sandy Walker (N)  Sheridan City Council At-Large
Peny Wallace (N)  Mosier City Councilor Pos 1
Kim Wallan (REP, IND)  State Representative, 6th District
Gerry Waller  (N)  Donald City Council
Kevin Walruff (N)  Eagle Point Council (3)
Cami Rae Walter (N)  Grants Pass City Council Ward 4
Cliff Walters (N)  Wallowa County Board of Commissioner Pos 3
Jules Walters (N)  West Linn City Councilor
Shirley Ward-Mullen (N)  Carlton City Council At-Large
Greg Warnock (REP, IND)  State Senator, 11th District
Mike Warren (N)  Lakeview City Council
Stuart Warren (N)  Phoenix City Mayor
John W. Washington (N)  Warrenton City Council Pos 5
Andrew Watkins (N)  Monument SWCD Pos 2
Linda Watkins (N)  Carlton City Council At-Large
Ulanda L Watkins (N)  Judge of the Circuit Court, 5th District, Position 9
Rebecca Wattles (N)  Sutherlin City Councilor
Leslie Weatherell (N)  Gilliam Co Commissioner Pos 2
Dale Webb (N)  Vernonia City Council Pos A
SL Mickey Webb (N)  Adrian City Councilor
Suzanne Weber (N)  Tillamook City Mayor
Charles Webster Baer (N)  Bend City Councilor Pos 7 Mayor
Josh Webster (N)  Halfway Council
Tara Weidman (N)  Aurora City Council Pos 1
Melissa Weiland (N)  Ontario Recreation Dist Director
Terry Weiss (N)  Philomath City Council (6)
Jayne Welch (N)  Lincoln County Treasurer
Duke Wells (N)  Dunes City Councilor (3)
Doug Welsh (N)  Junction City Councilor
Winn Wendell (N)  Junction City Councilor
John Wendland (N)  Lake Oswego City Council At-Large
Malynda Wenzl (N)  Forest Grove City Council At-Large
Ben West (N)  Wilsonville City Councilor
L Marlene Westerfield (N)  Garibaldi City Council
R Terry Westfall (N)  Douglas Co SWCD Zone 2
Pamela Wev (N)  Clatsop Co Commissioner Dist 3
Erik Whedon Jr (N)  Springfield City Council Ward 2
Cliff Wheeler (N)  Coquille City Mayor
Jim Whitbeck (N)  La Grande City Council Pos 6
Delores White (N)  Winston City Councilor Ward 1
Michael White (N)  Jordan Valley City Councilor Pos 6
Pamela A. White (N)  Clackamas Co Clerk
Theo White (N)  Ashland City Council Pos 2
Alan Whiteside  (N)  Haceta Water People’s Utility Dist Sub 2
Wade L Whiting (N)  District Attorney, Crook County
Wade Whiting (N)  Crook Co District Attorney
Bobbie Whitney (N)  Oakridge City Councilor (4 year)
Robert Whitson (N)  Southwest Lincoln Co Water People’s Utility Dis, Sub 1
Walter Wick (N)  Aumsville City Council
Paul Wilcox (NP)  Troutdale City Council Pos 5
Marty Wilde (DEM, PRO, WFP)  State Representative, 11th District
Tom Wiley (N)  Lincoln County SWCD, Zone 5
Chet Wilkins (N)  Gilliam Co SWCD Zone 1
Sherrie Wilkins (N)  Gilliam Co Commissioner Pos 1
Anna K Williams (DEM, WFP)  State Representative, 52nd District
Chris Williams (N)  Maywood Park City Councilor
D’Lynn Williams (N)  Westfir City Council
Gary Williams (N)  Lane Co East Comm Pos 5
Jeff Williams (N)  Rivergrove City Council Pos 2
Mona K Williams (N)  Judge of the Circuit Court, 10th District, Position 2
Russell M Williams (NP)  Fairview City Council Pos 4
Tammie Williams (N)  Echo City Council At-Large
Travis Williams (N)  Port Orford City Council (3)
Walt Williams (N)  Rivergrove City Council Pos 3
Wes Williams (N)  Judge of the Circuit Court, 10th District, Position 2
Jennifer Williamson (DEM, WFP)  State Representative, 36th District
Colm Willis (REP)  Marion County Commissioner, Pos 2
Al Willstatter (N)  Ashland City Council Pos 3
Carl Wilson (REP, IND)  State Representative, 3rd District
Glenda Wilson (N)  Medford Council Ward 3
Janet Wilson (N)  Gold Hill City Council (4)
Malcolm Wilson (N)  Lane Co Upper Willamette SWCD At Large 2
Michael Wilson (N)  Polk SWCD Director, Zone 5
Mitchel Wilson (N)  Mt Vernon City Council At-Large
Rita Wilson  Grass Valley City Council Pos 2
Renee Windsor-White (DEM, PRO, WFP)  State Representative, 17th District
Steven A Winn (N)  Mill City Councilor
Jackie F Winters (REP, IND)  State Senator, 10th District
Mike Winters (N)  Lakeview City Council
John Wirth (N)  Keating SWCD Zone 1
Mike Wisdom (N)  North Powder City Mayor
Wade Witherspoon (N)  Lafayette City Council At-Large 2
Brad Witt (DEM)  State Representative, 31st District
Lanita Witt (DEM)  Jackson Co Commissioner Dist 3
Chip Wood (N)  The Dalles City Councilor Position #1
Marc T. Woodard (N)  Tigard City Mayor
Woody Woodbury (N)  Florence City Councilor (2)
April L Wooden (N)  Willamina City Council At-Large
Marilee Woodrow (N)  Springfield City Council Ward 5
Susan Woodruff (N)  Waldport City Council
Desire Wooten (N)  Merrill City Council Pos 2
Jenni Word (N)  Enterprise City Council Pos 1
Willie Worman (N)  Siletz City Mayor
Daniel Wren (N)  Judge of the Circuit Court, 3rd District, Position 5
Helen M Wright (N)  Bay City Council Pos 1
Roland E. Wright (N)  Athena City Council Pos 1
Steve Wright (N)  Seaside City Council Pos 1
Susan W Wright (N)  Maupin City Councilor
Patricia Wyler (N)  Metolius City Council Pos 3
Michael Wynhausen (N)  Judge of the Circuit Court, 23rd District, Position 1
Nancy Wyse (N)  Corvallis City Council Ward 6
Beth Wytoski (N)  Dayton City Mayor
James Yarnall (N)  Springfield City Council Ward 2
Jason Yates (N)  Yamhill City Mayor
Jennifer Yeh (N)  Eugene City Councilor Pos 4
Sonny Yellott (REP)  State Representative, 48th District
Richard Yoder (N)  Echo City Council At-Large
Jim Yon  Linn Co Sheriff
Jake Young (N)  Cayonville City Mayor
Rusty Young (N)  Cayonville City Councilor
Craig Zanni (N)  Coos County Sheriff
Michael Zarosinski (N)  Medford Council Ward 4
Gary R Zeig (N)  Malin City Mayor
Alan Zelenke (N)  Eugene City Councilor Pos 3
Richard Zettervall (N)  Creswell City Mayor
Janet L Zeyen-Hall (N)  Mill City Councilor
Jack Zika (REP, IND)  State Representative, 53rd District
Ron Zilli (N)  Astoria Council Ward 3
Jack Zimmerman (N)  Gearhart City Council Pos 1