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Membership & Leadership Development

Monthly Guidances

2015 Guidance Documents:

Membership & Leadership Development Toolbox

        • MLD Handouts PDF or Word .doc
        • Get connected to what’s going on with the website.
        • Event Activity Planning Checklist PDF or Word .doc
        • “Choosing an Issue with Legs” Exercise PDF or Word .doc


To access MLD information on the national League website, login to LWV.org and go to Forums. You will find tons of information, useful forms, and checklists.

State Coach Information Section 2014-2015

Instructions for Coaches: PDF or word .doc.

We are looking for new state Coaches!

This is a great way to help the League grow. Be a League Gardener!
Support Membership and Leadership Development!

Training: will be provided by the MLD team at a convenient place for the new coach. A notebook will be provided as a resource (currently in the Salem office.) The training could be completed in one day.


        • Would be available to coach two local Leagues
        • Would participate in the monthly MLD conference call – one hour
        • Would conduct monthly conference calls with their local Leagues

Basically, this is a commitment of 2-4 hours per month. You will pass along the “monthly guidance” that is provided by national coaches. You will help with concerns and questions, and especially be their cheerleader. You will be their sounding board for ideas and projects. You will not be providing them with the programs, rather helping them develop their own.

Please think about joining our team, it is a great experience with lots of new ideas.

Please share this with all your members.

If interested, please contact Pamela Ashland, State MLD Coach Coordinator
misschattr [@] aol.com

State Coaching Assignments for Local Leagues 2014-2015

Pamela Ashland State Coach Coordinator
Janet Calvert Curry and Lincoln Counties
Debbie Kaye Lane, Marion Polk, Clackamas, Corvallis (shared with Marnie)
Marnie Lonsdale Lane, Marion Polk, Clackamas, Corvallis (shared with Debbie)
Libby Medley Portland and West Umatilla MAL
Petra Berger Umpqua Valley & Klamath Falls
Robin Wisdom Rogue Valley

Updated 10-9-14