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100 Years Anniversary

On November 5th, 2012 we joyously celebrated the achievement of women’s right to vote in Oregon one hundred years ago.

Download and print your own commemorative 100 Years Anniversary Card (pdf). We have a lot to be thankful for! Let’s celebrate. For current events, also see the Century of Action’s website here.

We did it! We marched in celebration of what our forerunners did! And we were received with cheers from the community!

A thrilling scene was entering the parade and going through the Memorial Coliseum as a marching group. It was awesome! Parade "suffragists" march in the Grand Floral Parade 6/9/12Thank you to all of you who participated in some way, either by marching, donating, driving, preparing, sewing, or a combination thereof! This memorable event will remain with us throughout our lives as a positive expression of what is important, that democracy thrives for all of us.

‘Thank you’ is not enough.

Check out the Video: Parade Video by Michael Coe

Updated 6/11/12

Ready, Set, Go!

There’s just a few days left before the parade. I’m packing today and leaving for Portland tomorrow, Friday, 6/8/12, to stay the night not far from the Memorial Coliseum. Just in case this is my cell number: 541-784-8672.

On Saturday morning, 6/9/12:
You might want to bring an umbrella, but also visualize sunshine and blue skies!
Wear your costumes and comfortable walking shoes.
Bottles of water are being provided.
I will have on-hand a first-aid kit, my cell phone, camera, and a sign-in sheet.
Please arrive no later than 9:30 AM please so we can decide on parade positions and get organized.
I plan to be at the parade staging site shortly after 8AM Saturday morning 6/9/12, because I am parking my car nearby (I hope!).

Thank You, All, for all you’ve done, for the preparations you’ve willingly and cheerfully made. I’m am so thankful I have this opportunity to walk in honor of the honorable, hardworking women of a century ago and before who didn’t quit but achieved the freedoms we enjoy today. I think this will be a humbling experience.

See you there! ~ Robin

Updated 6/7/12

New information about Parade Day For Marchers, Drivers and Riders!

The cars need to be at the Memorial Coliseum by 7AM or 7:30AM. If they arrive by then, the streets do not close until 8AM. Car drivers need to use the yellow passes to be able to get into the South Lot (see map in instruction packet emailed to you).

The actual marching group does not have to assemble until 9:30AM.

The drivers are welcome to wait in the Coliseum in the Simpson Room, where there will be coffee service and nearby restrooms.

In the disband area Lincoln HS will be open for restroom use. The Parade people have vendors along the route, and our parade contact will find out if there is one in the disband area for drink.

Transportation Tip: For free MAX Light Rail information, check this out Trimet in Portland and this Free Rail Zone.

Updated 5/30/12

Parade Visitors and Watchers are needed!

We need you to come see the parade even if you are not marching! This is another way to participate and be a part of history. Come to be inspired and remember why we do all the work we do. It will be so great to hear you cheering when we are announced while marching in the parade. We are no. 35 in the lineup of 93. Look for other League members in the crowd also watching the parade.

Attention Out-of-Town Parade Watchers

Check in with Rita or Lorie if you need an overnight stay when you travel to Portland to see the Grand Floral Parade on 6/9/12. Rita can help you find an overnight stay, and Lorie can help you find transportation within Portland City.

  • Rita Fawcett (overnight stay) 503-525-7929
  • Lorie James (transportation within Portland) 503-638-3207

Parade Marchers, do you need a parade hat?

You can reserve one of these hats for the parade march by calling Robin Wisdom at 541-672-6982 or emailing her.

News Update

Malissa and Sancha Duniway, the great granddaughters of Abigail Scott Duniway, will be riding in one of our three vintage cars along side of us in the parade!

Updated 5/28/12

Get Ready To March! We did it! We raised $5,000 to be part of the Portland Rose Festival Grand Floral Parade 2012!

Secretary of State Kate Brown is going to march with us! This is going to be great, all of us together to celebrate this great achievement 100 years ago.

I want to thank each one of you who have contributed to make this happen! We are actually going to march together in the parade to celebrate what women and men fought for for so many years. This is going to be inspiring. ~Robin

Thank you for being part of a conference call held on Thursday, May 17th. We need to know from each organization how many walkers are confirmed. We want to have 50 women marching with signs.

On the conference call, each organization agreed to bring hand held signs that say the name of their organization. Plus, I was hoping to order 16 light-weight hand held signs (2 each) that say: “Vote!”, “Votes For Women”, “Vote411.org”, “League of Women Voters of Oregon”, “The Center for Women, Politics and Policy”, “Oregon Commission for Women”, “AAUW of Oregon”, “Women Vote!”. We are researching sign makers right now, but they are very expensive. The range of bids has been $30 to $50 per sign. These may be unaffordable. We should consider making our own signs for our organizations. If so, try to make them as neat as possible and legible. Organizations will consider bringing their own banners also, and some individuals are bringing and carrying signs they have.

And the news just gets better! Wonderful League members have offered to help with logistics.

  • Rita Fawcett, Portland League member, is our Host Coordinator. If you are from outside Portland, email Rita or call her at 503-525-7929 if you’d like to arrange an overnight stay with a League member to see the parade.
  • Lorie James, Clackamas League member, is our Transportation Coordinator. If you need transportation within the Portland City to see the parade, please call Lorie at 503-638-3207.
We’ve been okayed to include one more car, a gorgeous Model T 1911, for a total of 3 vintage cars! We can have 50 marchers and up to 8 women riding in cars. The parade board says they want us to be prominent in the parade. They will be letting us know soon where we will meet the morning of the parade June 9th.

Also, did you know each of our organizations will be announced 15 times along the parade route and on the televised version as well? This is the blurb that will be announced each time:
“Four Women’s organizations, (listed) are marching together in this year’s Grand Floral Parade to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Oregon Women’s Right to Vote. In 1912 women in Oregon gained the right to vote after many years of hard work and perseverance. Marchers are wearing reproductions of clothing worn from 1910 to 1920 to honor those who dedicated their lives for future generations and to remind us of the power of the vote. ”

More information about when and what time we meet the morning of the parade is coming soon! Stay Tuned!

Updated 5/17/12

Let’s celebrate 100 Years of Women’s Right to Vote in Oregon! It was in 1912 that women achieved the right to vote in Oregon, and also that year a pro-Suffrage float won the first prize in the Rose Festival parade.

League of Women Voters of Oregon members will participate in this year’s Rose Festival by marching in the Grand Floral Parade on June 9th, 2012 in Portland, Oregon. Other women’s organizations will join us in this historic march in honor of the women and men who paved the way before us through hard work and sacrifice.

Partners! Please read the updated flyer below.

All local Leagues and all League of Women Voters members are invited to participate in the Grand Floral Parade March by walking in the parade, helping with preparation and or donating financially. This is our chance to show our thanks and our determination in a memorable and respectful way with other women in Oregon.

Thanks to partners, The Center For Women, Politics and Policy, the Oregon Commission for Women, and AAUW of Oregon, we will march proudly together to remind us of what women and men went through to secure the rights and freedoms we enjoy today.

Call or email the League office (503-581-5722) to sign up to march in the Grand Floral Parade (an offsite link). We need 15 League walkers from around the state, and 6 have signed up so far (as of 4/20/12). There will be a total of 50 walkers plus two or three vintage cars who will also carry a few of our senior members. We will divide the number of walkers between all participating groups. The parade distance is about 4.3 miles. Each walker will carry a lightweight sign. Sign messages will be determined later. If you would like to walk dressed as a suffragist, please contact the office (email lwvor@lwvor.org).

Dress for the Occasion!

All marchers/walkers need to be dressed in period clothing or as close to the 1910 to 1930 period as possible. Each walker needs to provide her costume. Let us know and we’ll connect you with a costume helper. Suggested period clothing: a long white skirt, long-sleeved white blouse or top, and good walking shoes. It may be easier to “repurpose” a plain long-sleeved blouse or a long skirt by simply adding lace. Consider wearing a hat which was also commonly worn in the 1910’s.

You Can Be an Arch Supporter of the League’s Parade March!

Donate online towards the entrance fee of $5,000 and material needs to look good in the parade. Materials needed include signage and creation of period costumes. We still need to raise another $1300 for the parade entrance fee. Donate Today!

More parade information is available in this Word document: League Parade Letter 5-4-12

Grand Floral Parade Route Map available here

Partner Organizations: Please read the Parade Information Flyer above. If you have any questions, please call the office at 503-581-5722 or email lwvor@lwvor.org.