Updating Your Membership

How to update your membership information with LWVOR:

Please send any changes, drops, and additions directly to LWVOR by email, fax (503-581-9403) or mail. Even though you are able to update your membership information online for LWVUS, that action does not update our statewide membership database, so we need to be notified of any changes separately.

When adding members on the LWVUS database, it is possible to copy the information on the screen so that you don’t have to retype it for LWVOR. Before clicking on “Submit,” select all, copy, then open your email program and paste the information into an email to lwvor@lwvor.org.

In general, we like to get the updates as soon as you receive them, but please at least send them on a monthly basis.

Once a year, we will check our database against that of LWVUS, and will ask you about any discrepancies. Please expect this yearly communication from us. This ensures that all our records are fully up-to-date.

We will forward to you any changes we receive by notice from the post office or directly from members.

LWVOR Membership Update Form

How to update your membership information with LWVUS:

  1. Go to www.lwv.org
  2. Click login button in red bar at top of page
  3. Enter your email address and password
  4. Select “Update Member Rosters” from the left hand column
  5. Enter your local League’s user name and password (this will be different from the previous)
  6. From the League Home Page, you can update information about your League (a new PO box, for example), add new members, change or drop members (use the MICF link), see your whole roster, and more. Please note that you will need to have the LWVUS member code for each member to make changes or drop members. You can look up member codes using the MICF link or by viewing your roster.
  7. When viewing your roster, it is advisable to select the Active members only.
  8. Click “Session Signoff” before leaving the site.