State Board Meeting Materials

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May 5 & 7, 2017 Convention Board Meeting

Board Meeting Agenda May 5 (PDF)
Board Meeting Agenda May 7 (PDF)
April 2017 Board Meeting Minutes
LWVOR Board Meeting Minutes – April 2017 (PDF)
Key Documents
LWVOR Nonpartisan Policy
OR Policies, Procedures, & Guidelines (PDF)
OR Policies, Procedures, & Guidelines (Word)
OR Bylaws (PDF)
OR Bylaws (WORD)
Treasurer Reports for Convention
LWVOR May 2017 Financial Position
LWVOR May 2017 Revenue and Expense
LWVOR May 2017 Budget Vs Actual
Treasurer’s Notes May 2017 (WORD)
Treasurer’s Notes May 2017 (PDF)
Discussion Docs
1st Vice President’s Report:
Action Committee Report April 2017 (WORD)
Action Committee Report April 2017 (PDF)
Bylaws Committee Report (WORD)
Bylaws Committee Report (PDF)
Bylaws Amendments Draft
Consolidating C3 & C4:
See LWVOR Consolidation web page
Development Report April 2017 (WORD) (Convention Report Draft)
Development Report April 2017 (PDF)
FY17-18 Budget Cover Memo
FY17-18 Budget Supporting Docs (EXCEL)
FY17-18 Budget Supporting Docs (PDF)
FY17-18 Budget Worksheet (EXCEL)
FY17-18 Budget Worksheet (PDF)
Direct Mail:
Direct Mail Report April 2017 (WORD)
Direct mail Report April 2017 (PDF)
Membership and MLD:
Membership/MLD Report March 2017 (WORD)
Membership/MLD Report March 2017 (PDF)
Mock Election:
Nominating Committee:
Nominating Committee Report April 2017
Office Report from the Staff:
April 2017 Office Report
Program Planning Update March 2017