Voter Registration & Rights


Register to Vote in Oregon

Your registration has to be correct. You can still fix it, even on Election Day!

Voter Registration Have you moved? Changed your name?  Inscripción de Elector por Internet
Your Oregon voter database info must be current. Any eligible citizen can register at This is the preferred registration method because you can see right away if your registration is correct. Next best is filling out and turning in paper voter registration forms at County Election offices,  before you leave. Our #MotorVoter registration automatically registers new voters as NAV or “non-affiliated voter.” NAV is not the same as “Independent”, which is a newly recognized political party in Oregon.

Keep your voter registration updated, and keep active!

What are YOUR rights as an Oregon voter?

Read the Oregon Voter Bill of Rights (pdf)

Once you register to vote in Oregon, you have the right to:

  • A Voter Registration card from your county elections office verifying your registration, with your precinct number and legislative districts
  • A ballot in the mail 18-14 days before elections are closed
  • A state Voters’ Pamphlet mailed to you, with candidate statements and arguments for and against ballot measures
  • Get a replacement ballot if yours is spoiled or lost
  • Vote, even if you are unable to fill out your ballot, for any reason. You can get help and alternate ballots at
    1-866-ORE-VOTES or your county elections office. Local League members may be able to help you.
    Contact your nearest local League to find out.

LWVUS Voters’ Rights

The League of Women Voters advocates for voters’ rights to:

  • Vote – for U.S. citizens, 18 or older
  • Have easy access to voter registration
  • Get an easy to understand ballot, with understandable instructions
  • Get valid, understandable information to make  voting decisions
  • Have easy access to polls, including disabled access
  • Get  language assistance if not literate in English
  • Not have voting discouraged by early voting projections, before polls close
  • Have accurate vote counts


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