Oregon 2016 Ballot Measures

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LWVOR Oregon 2016 Ballot Measure coverage is now available!  The review below includes: 

  • Official Title
  • Financial Impact: “How much would it cost?”
  • Probable Results of a YES vote: “What will Measure # do?”
  • Probable Results of a NO vote
  • Background: The way it is now
  • The Proposal
  • Supporters say & Opponents say


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How We Researched Ballot Measures
Ballot Measure # 94 Judicial Retirement Amendment
Ballot Measure # 95 Public University Investments
Ballot Measure # 96 Lottery funds for Veterans
Ballot Measure # 97 Oregon Corporate Tax Increase
Ballot Measure # 98 Oregonians for High School Success
Ballot Measure # 99 Outdoor School Education Fund
Ballot Measure # 100 Wildlife Tracking Prevention Act



*NOTE: League Voter Service Speakers’ Bureau presents comprehensive ballot measure information including historical background, current media, pro, and con issues. We do not discuss any positions the League may have taken on these issues in Voter Service. Any League advocacy is conducted separately.