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As petition season ramps up don’t forget to Think Before You Ink. Check out our resources to help you determine when (and when not to) sign a petition! More here.

Our volunteers gather voter service information from ORESTAR, all 36 Oregon County Clerks, and Municipal Elections Officials. We include candidates and ballot measures for ALL Oregon Special Districts, Cities, Counties, and at the state level. From there we e-vite candidates to submit additional information. For the 2016 fall election, we covered over 1100 candidates and 350 ballot measures.


Track Your Ballot!

During the fall 2106 election, the state Elections Division sponsored BallotTrax, on MY VOTE page, to track mail-in ballots and send a series of ballot progress emails, from printed to accepted! These counties participated directly:


Contact your local League for our printed Voters’ Guides, featuring researched state ballot measures and candidates for Governor, SoS, AG, Treasurer, BoLI, Judges, DAs.
LWVOR regrets any errors in our printed Voters’ Guides. Online info is corrected as we find errors. We encourage you to return to this page for our most current voting information on all Oregon candidates and ballot measures.


Voting often drops off “down-ballot” for non-Presidential races, for lack of information.  For fall 2016, find all Orego candidates and ballot measures!  Look for your candidate’s name, the race (for example “Grant Co Commissioner Pos 2”), and by County name.
For the primary, we presented:

  • 662 Oregon Candidates.
  • 35 different kinds of offices: state, county, city, & Special Districts- it is All in here!
  • 71 Ballot Measures around Oregon.
  • 57 state-wide candidates in League Voters’ Guides: OR English & Spanish,
    Large PrintAudio (read by an Oregonian!), & Video, for selected state-wide races.
  • Go to our Portland League page to find local Voters’ Guides in English & Spanish.