Find all voting info here soon since Candidate filing is closed for the or the May 15, 2018 Oregon Primary. ALL Oregon candidates and ballot measures, timelines, voter registration info, ballot dropbox maps, etc. fWe will invite candidates to list with our VOTEResources this week. Some ORESTAR filings are still pending.

Search for ORESTAR filed candidates: enter 2018 in pull-down menu, scroll to SUBMIT, then EXPORT to excel. Local candidates must still be searched by individual city and county.   

Oregon Legislature
There are 177 filed for these races and we hope to have debates and forums locally, discussing now.

Oregon judicial races are BIG in 2018. Compared to the 2 contested DA races, there are 16 contested Oregon judicial races! We already have 116 filed, with 62 running unopposed. Choosing judicial candidates is important and difficult for our voters. We have better questions that judicial candidates can and should answer. This Oregon Judicial Dept MAP shows court districts by number, easy!

District Attorneys
There are 17 Oregon County DA candidates filed, with contested races in Union and Washington Counties, so most are running unopposed. We want voters to be better informed, a struggle for these often low-profile candidates, so we have reviewed our DA candidate questions, to be invited shortly.
The ACLU is separately publicizing DA races, fyi.

Initatitive Petitions   See our THINK BEFORE YOU INK
Circulators are asking for your signatures. The League urges you to READ PETITIONS CAREFULLY.
You should be able to read the full measure content in person when you are asked to sign.
You can find them all by searching the state IRR database (Initiatives, Referenda, and referrals).

Only sign if you are sure you UNDERSTAND and AGREE with proposals. Otherwise- Decline to Sign! 

You should know:
IP 22, “Stop Oregon Sanctuaries,” is currently under Secretary of State investigation for misrepresentation of its intent to signers. The League has gotten complaints of ongoing violations.
The Oregon Secretary of State’s Elections Division recommends that you file a complaint if you feel you were misled in signing, and thought you signed to support sanctuaries.
There is no provision in Oregon statute for them to remove your signature. Please provide:

  • The petition gatherer’s name, if you know it, or a description.
  • The date, time, and location where you signed the sheet.
  • Print, then sign, then scan, and email to

Check your Oregon Voter Registration!
Update your address up to & including election day, May 15th.

January 23rd Measure 101
Oregon M 101 graphicCheck out our printable infographic for simple pro and con explanations! Learn what supporters and opponents said, and impact of passage. You can also view our complete Voters’ Guide.

Check your Oregon Voter Registration

The 2018 Special Election Voter Registration deadline is January 2, 2018. Register or update here!

Track Your Ballot!

During the fall 2016 election, the state Elections Division sponsored BallotTrax, on MY VOTE page, to track mail-in ballots and send a series of ballot progress emails, from printed to accepted! These counties participated directly:


Looking for Local Election Info?

Contact your local League for our printed Voters’ Guides, featuring researched state ballot measures and candidates for Governor, SoS, AG, Treasurer, BoLI, Judges, DAs.

Our volunteers gather voter service information from ORESTAR, all 36 Oregon County Clerks, and Municipal Elections Officials. We include candidates and ballot measures for ALL Oregon Special Districts, Cities, Counties, and at the state level. From there we e-vite candidates to submit additional information. For the 2016 fall election, we covered over 1100 candidates and 350 ballot measures.

LWVOR regrets any errors in our printed Voters’ Guides. Online info is corrected as we find errors. We encourage you to return to this page for our most current voting information on all Oregon candidates and ballot measures.