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LWVOR Advocacy Positions

League of Women Voters® of Oregon:

The League of Women Voters of Oregon is a 98-year-old grassroots nonpartisan political organization that encourages informed and active participation in government. The League never supports or opposes any candidate or political party. We envision informed Oregonians participating in a fully accessible, responsive, and transparent government to achieve the common good. We encourage respectful civil discourse.

The LWVOR Legislative Action Team prioritized four key areas for the 2018 session:

  • ADDRESS CLIMATE CHANGE by supporting Clean Energy Jobs legislation to reduce net greenhouse gas emissions fast enough to avoid serious damage to the global climate ecosystem.
  • ADVOCATE FOR ANTI-POVERTY PROGRAMS to help low-income people move toward financial stability.
  • REBALANCE THE 2017-19 BUDGET WITH LATEST REVENUE FORECAST: by adequately funding services and functions critical to the well-being of Oregonians within revenues available. Plan for viable tax reform and stable revenue discussions/legislation in 2019.
  • PROTECT DEMOCRACY by minimizing the influence of money in politics and promoting more representative elections systems.

LWVOR Legislative Action is based on advocacy positions formed through studies and member consensus. You may follow League action activities, read positions, subscribe to our Legislative Reports, and follow League testimony at http://lwvor.org/home/take-action. Direct legislative inquiries to: Alice Bartelt, Action Chair, 503.246.0496, a.bartelt@lwvor.org or contact legislative coordinators listed below in governance, natural resources, social policy and education. General questions about LWVOR may be directed to Norman Turrill, President, 503.827.8251, n.turrill@lwvor.org or Sarah Andrews, LWVOR Office Coordinator, 503.581.5722.

Issues for Action & Taking Action Through Advocacy
Read more about our positions in LWVOR’s Issues for Action 2016-2017. You can also find our advocacy contact and position lists in printable format: Taking Action Through Advocacy.

Civil Discourse Position
View our recently adopted position on Civil Discourse here.

The four sub-categories of our positions are:



Advocates for fair, equitable, and stable tax and revenue policies to adequately fund services and functions critical to Oregonians. Addresses elections policy including: National Popular Vote, campaign finance reform, laws and redistricting. Actively follows good governance issues including ethics, efficiency, citizen participation and access, public records law, and contemporary privacy and technology issues.

Governance Coordinator: Becky Gladstone
541.510.9387, rebecca.gladstone@gmail.com

  • Revenue and Tax: Alice Bartelt, Chris Vogel, Claudia Keith, Peggy Lynch
  • Election Issues: Becky Gladstone
  • Elections, Campaign Finance Reform, Redistricting: Norman Turrill, Tom Messenger
  • National Popular Vote: Marge Easley
  • Public Records, Transparency: Josie Koehne

Public Access Coordinator: Paula Krane, 541.752.2361, kranep@peak.org 


Addresses adult corrections, judicial, public safety, gun safety, health care, mental health, housing, juvenile justice, foster care, social services and women’s issues. Actively lobbies for anti-poverty programs to help low income citizens move toward financial stability.

Social Policy Coordinator: Karen Nibler, 541.752.8567, niblerk@comcast.net

  • Housing: Debbie Aiona
  • Gun Safety: Marge Easley
  • Death Penalty Repeal: Alice Bartelt
  • Adult Corrections: Barbara Ross
  • Women’s Issues: Debbie Runciman



Addresses early learning, bridging transitions and education success (P-3, K-12, P-20). career technical programs (CTE), higher education, and advocates to minimize factors impacting education for children at risk or historically underserved and underachieving youth.

Education Policy Coordinator: Chris Vogel, 503.586.8314, chrisvogelvolunteerlwvor@gmail.com

  • Higher Education: Alice Bartelt, Karan Kuntz
  • K-12: Judy Ball, Robin Wisdom
  • Early Learning and P/3: Nancylee Stewart, Pattie Johnson


Addresses improved air quality, combating climate change, coastal management, clean energy, proper disposal of hazardous materials and solid waste, conservation, land use, parks, clean and abundant water supply for all, and resource preservation. Actively works on budgets related to Oregon’s 14 natural resource agencies.

Natural Resources Coordinator: Peggy Lynch, 541.745.1025, peggylynchor@gmail.com

  • Climate Change: Claudia Keith, Cathy Frischman
  • Land Use/Aggregate: Marge Easley
  • Energy (Northwest Energy Coalition Rep): Theresa Gibney
  • Elliott/Forestry: Jennifer Haynes
  • Air Quality: Marilyn Koenitzer
  • Columbia River Treaty: Phillip Thor

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