LWVOR Advocacy Positions

Read more about our positions in LWVOR’s Issues for Action 2019-2020. You can also find our advocacy contact and position lists in printable format: LWVOR Action Committee Contacts and Position 2020.

League of Women Voters of Oregon

The League of Women Voters of Oregon (LWVOR) is a 100-year-old grassroots nonpartisan political organization that encourages informed and active participation in government. We envision Oregonians participating in a fully accessible, responsive, and transparent government to achieve the common good across rural/urban and party divides. We encourage respectful civil discourse. The League never supports or opposes any individual candidate or political party. We do advocate on policy issues. LWVOR Legislative Action is always based on advocacy positions formed through studies and member consensus. Please follow our activities at http://lwvor.org/home/take-action/.

The LWVOR Legislative Action Team prioritized these key areas for the 2020 session:

  • ADDRESS THE CLIMATE EMERGENCY by supporting Clean Energy Jobs legislation to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to zero before 2050 while ensuring a just transition for workers and impacted communities.
  • PROTECT DEMOCRACY by educating for and supporting an independent citizen redistricting commission to address gerrymandering. Fund election protection and defend voter registration integrity. Fund Oregon’s Citizens’ Initiative Review. Support a state constitutional amendment and statutes that implement campaign finance reform.
  • SUPPORT MENTAL HEALTH with an integrated approach to address suicide, alcohol and drug addictions, adverse childhood experiences, and anti-social or violent behavior.
  • ADVOCATE FOR ANTI-POVERTY PROGRAMS AND HEALTH CARE REFORMS by preserving adequate Medicaid funding to build on Oregon’s innovation to cover all kids and vulnerable adults. Focus on services for seniors, people with disabilities, and foster youth.
  • PROMOTE PUBLIC SAFETY MEASURES by fully funding community corrections programs, revising laws for juvenile offenders, and mandating the safe storage of firearms.
  • SUPPORT 100-YEAR WATER VISION to assure abundant clean water for all.
  • GENERATE ADEQUATE REVENUE for essential services while promoting equity and progressivity in tax policy.

CONTACT LWVOR: Becky Gladstone, LWVOR President, and Alice Bartelt, LWVOR Legislative Action Chair, along with our team of volunteers listed below, are available to provide clarifications on League positions. Call our office at 503.581.5722 or directly contact portfolio chairs in specific areas listed below. LWVOR Action team members are experienced, unpaid volunteers. Our advocates focus on the broad areas of Climate Emergency, Governance and Protecting Democracy, Human Services, Public Safety, Health Care, Housing, Natural Resources, Education, and Revenue.

The six sub-categories of our positions are:

CLIMATE EMERGENCY: Advocates for a variety of policies and budgets to reduce risks and plan for adaptation where needed relating to the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change IPCC recommendations. LWVOR supports the Our Children’s Trust state and federal lawsuits and consideration for statewide binding municipal climate emergency declarations, and we oppose the Jordan Cove Energy Project. Claudia Keith, ca.keith@comcast.net with Julie Chapman, Shirley Weathers, Nancy Murray, and Cathy Frischmann

TAX AND REVENUE POLICY: Addresses fair, equitable, and stable tax and revenue policies to adequately fund services and functions critical to Oregonians. Josie Koehne, josephine.koehne@gmail.com, and Sally Garlick

HUMAN SERVICES, PUBLIC SAFETY, HEALTH CARE, HOUSING: Addresses social policy areas including adult corrections, judiciary, juvenile justice, public safety, gun safety, health care, mental health, housing, foster care, social services, and women’s issues. Actively lobbies for anti-poverty programs to help low income and at-risk people move toward financial stability. Karen Nibler, niblerk@comcast.net

  • Criminal Justice Reform: Barbara Ross
  • Death Penalty Repeal: Alice Bartelt
  • Gun Safety: Marge Easley
  • Health and Human Services: Karen Nibler
  • Housing: Debbie Aiona and Nancy Donovan

GOVERNANCE, PROTECTING DEMOCRACY: Advocates for governance issues including ethics, efficiency, citizen participation and access, public records and meetings law, and contemporary privacy and technology issues. Elections policies include campaign finance reform, laws and administrative rules, and redistricting. Norman Turrill, nturrill@mac.com

  • Bill Review: Rick Bennett
  • Citizens’ Initiative Review: Marge Easley
  • Election Security: Becky Gladstone
  • Immigration and Bias/Hate Crimes: Claudia Keith
  • League Position Research: Ann Potter
  • Public Access to Legislative Procedures: Paula Krane
  • Research: Josie Koehne

EDUCATION: Follows student success, early learning, career technical programs (CTE), PK-12 and higher education. We advocate minimizing barriers impacting education for children at risk or historically underserved and underachieving youth. Chris Vogel, ChrisVogelVolunteerLWVOR@gmail.com with Stephanie Feeney, Anne Nesse, Barbara Sellers-Young, Alice Bartelt, Shirley Nelson.

NATURAL RESOURCES: Works year-round on improved air quality, combating climate change, coastal management, clean energy, proper disposal of hazardous materials and solid waste, conservation, land use, parks, clean and abundant water supply for all, resource preservation, and budgets related to Oregon’s 14 natural resource agencies. Peggy Lynch, peggylynchor@gmail.com

  • Air Quality:  Susan Mates
  • Columbia River Treaty: Phillip Thor
  • Coastal Issues: Peggy Joyce
  • Drinking-Water Advisory Committee Representative: Amelia Nestler
  • Forestry:  Josie Koehne
  • Hanford Cleanup Board Representative/Nuclear Waste: Marylou Schnoes
  • Land Use/Aggregate: Marge Easley
  • Land Use/Housing:  Peggy Lynch
  • Northwest Energy Coalition Representative: Robin Tokmakian
  • Pesticides/Toxics: Amelia Nestler
  • Water Issues:  Peggy Lynch
  • Natural Resource Agency Budgets: Peggy Lynch

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