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Members of the Board 2016 – 2017

Members of the LWV of Oregon Board of Directors are elected by League member representatives at our annual meeting in May. All Board members are volunteers and are members of the LWV of Oregon.



Norman Turrill

President 2015-2017

LWV of Portland

Norman Turrill is no stranger to political action or causes in the public interest. After college at the University of Washington he served as a teacher from 1966 to 1968 in the Peace Corps in Somalia. “My experience in Africa gave me a fresh perspective on the advantages we take for granted, as well as the political foundation that makes our opportunities possible.”

Mr. Turrill joined the Seattle League in the 1970s shortly after they began to accept male members, but did not become active. Instead, he was active in Common Cause for many years, serving at different times as state president in Nebraska and Washington and a state Board member in New York and Oregon. For Common Cause he worked on such issues as sunshine public disclosure, sunset laws, annual legislative sessions, campaign finance, government ethics and redistricting. These were often in close coordination with the League.

In Pennsylvania, Mr. Turrill became more active in the Hershey League, serving as treasurer and acting president, and represented them at the LWVUS 2000 national Convention.

Beginning in 2001 in the Portland Oregon League, Mr. Turrill was active in Voter Service and coordinated DNet. He was a member of the Portland Board for 2002-03 and represented Portland at the LWVUS Conventions in 2002 and 2004. He later joined Portland’s Action Committee and helped successfully lobby for Voter Own Elections and Lobby Disclosure ordinances for the City of Portland.

Mr. Turrill joined the Oregon state board in 2004 and served as Voter Service Co-chair. He then joined the state Action Committee and was appointed its Vice-chair and Campaign Finance Chair. Representing the League, he helped organize the Oregon Building Better Campaigns (BBC) coalition and was elected as its interim chair. In 2004 he was appoint by Secretary of State Bill Bradbury to his Campaign Finance Disclosure Panel, which eventually led to the 2005 Oregon legislature instituting the ORESTAR online continuous campaign disclosure system. In 2005, he was elected as the state League’s First Vice President, was re-elected in 2007 and served as Action Chair. Representing the Oregon League, he attended the LWVUS 2006 and 2008 Conventions and the 2005 and 2007 Councils.

As a member of the LWVUS Board between 2008 and 2014, he is the first man to ever serve on the national board. Mr. Turrill served as Technology chair, Program chair and Bylaws Chair, and has served on the Advocacy, Communications, Development, Education Fund and Membership committees. He organized the League Geeks volunteers to aid members with their use of the League’s various computer systems, and the Clearinghouse Committee for sharing League study and other documents.

Mr. Turrill has MS degrees in Chemistry and Computer Science from University of Washington. He has worked as a teacher in the Peace Corps in Somalia and as a software engineer at Digital Equipment Corp., Merck and several medical centers. He worked at Boeing while his wife, Joanna Cain, completed her residency at the University of Washington Medical School. Career opportunities took the couple to Nebraska, Seattle, New York, Seattle, Pennsylvania, and then Portland, where Dr. Cain chaired the OHSU Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology and served as Director of the Women’s Health Center. Dr. Cain next served in a similar position at Brown University and Women & Infants Hospital in Providence, RI, and now works as an Associate Dean at UMass Memorial Hospital in Worchester, MA. They have two children. Daughter Lynn, who graduated Magnum Cum Laude from University of Denver and studied international law at Georgetown Law School in Washington, DC, is currently clerk for Oregon Supreme Court Chief Justice Thomas Balmer. Son Daniel has English and Psychology degrees from Southern Oregon and Portland State universities and works in the computer industry in the Portland area. Mr. Turrill is now mostly retired and self-employed as a consultant, computer analyst/software engineer. When doing nothing else, he enjoys skiing and singing in his church choir, and served as an adult leader for the Boy Scouts.

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Becky Gladstone

1st Vice President 2015-2017

LWV of Lane County

Working as EF Chair is all about Teamwork. We have plenty of work to share! Browse our website and contact us!

  • Voter Service: our strong group and very active local Leagues educate voters.
  • Programs include a proud legacy of current and completed studies, in our library and the National Clearinghouse.
  • Tech committee: Our dedicated group supports a full range of needs, from mentorship and training to new software testing. We welcome newbies.
  • Mock Elections –& Civic Education: With multiple National awards, we are looking forward to a big push for 2016. Don’t miss our Civics Ed Curriculum. I would like to see it expand to serve citizenship applicant needs!

I grew up as an Army (Intelligence) Brat, mostly overseas, moving a lot.  My husband and I met in Honors Organic Chemistry, UW in Seattle, where he went on to UW Medicine and I graduated from UW School of Fisheries in 1979. I worked in an analytical lab then became a very active Navy Wife, enjoying a daughter born in Virginia, another in Bethesda, Maryland, ten days before two years on Guam. I had an early subscription to Ms. Magazine, knew that NOW stood for National Organization for Women and Naval Officers’ Wives, bridging them. I volunteered along the way: Red Cross, Smithsonian greenhouses, Navy Relief budget counseling, selling for scholarships at the Wives’ Club Bazaar on Guam, Children’s Story Hour at the Orange, Ct. Public Library, then every school along the way.

When we moved to Oregon– Measure 5 school funding cuts! For me that meant Parent and Site Council leadership at each school, to district Technology, Netiquette, and an early district Parent Council. I chaired book and science fairs, Library Volunteers, magazine sales, and an all-night HS graduation party. I costumed six HS musicals, with large casts and costume changes, from bolts of fabric. I established an ongoing e-newsletter and high school student/parent directory. I was a six-year career center counselor. Public school support led to activism, campaigns and party work including volunteer coordination, for county, congressional district and state-wide outreach, with two national conventions as a delegate. I served two terms as an elected state political party secretary, then recruited my replacement.

I am married to Igor, a Eugene neonatologist. Daughter Anna is a UO computer science grad student and daughter Laura is an MIT Physics PostDoc.  When I have time, I blog, including the 1912 Suffragist costumes I “built” for our 2012 Rose Parade Entry ( I have served as LWVOREF Chair, and Secretary for both LWVOR and LWVLC.

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Alice Bartelt

2nd Vice President 2014-17

Action Chair

Member at Large

Alice is a 3-year member of the League of Women Voters, but has worked on legislative issues for many years on behalf of the American Association of University Women of Oregon (AAUW).  Alice has served on the Action Committee of the League since February 2009 and has been the Chair since June 2009.

Since 1970, Alice has been an active member of the AAUW.  She has held many offices at the branch level, including president.  At the state level, she served as the president from 1998-2000.  In addition, she has served as the Public Policy Chair on several occasions.  At the national level, from 1991 until 1995, Alice served on the Convention Procedures Committee, which is responsible for running the association conventions.  From 1999 until 2001, Alice served on the Association Resolutions Committee.  Alice served on the Association Public Policy Committee from 2001 until 2003, as well as the Resolutions Committee.  She served two terms as Mountain Pacific Regional Director, from June 2003 to July 2007.

Alice is a member of the National Association of Parliamentarians.  She is the immediate-past president of the Oregon Association.  She is also a Professional Registered Parliamentarian.  She serves as the Parliamentarian for both LWVOR and AAUW of Oregon.

Alice is the current President of the Affiliate Board of NARAL Pro-Choice Oregon.  She has served on the board for the last ten years.  She has also served on the boards of the Women’s Rights Coalition, Oregon Women Lawyers, the Columbia Chapter of Americans United for Separation of Church and State and the Diversity Section of the Oregon State Bar.  She is serving her third year on the Vestry of her Episcopal church.

In March 2007, Alice retired from SAIF Corporation, where she worked as a staff attorney.  Alice practiced workers’ compensation law for 25 years prior to her retirement.

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Sally Hollemon

Secretary 2015-2017

LWV of Marion & Polk Counties

Sally grew up on U.S. Forest Service Ranger Stations in Oregon and Washington.  She graduated from the University of Washington in 1958 and then taught elementary-school music in Wenatchee for a year and 7th-grade English and social studies in Oregon City for three years.

She met Ray and they were married in 1961.  His career as an air traffic controller moved them from Portland to Los Angeles, where Sally joined the League in 1965.  LWV was her continuity as Ray’s career moved them to Hillsboro OR, Tacoma WA, Washington DC, Tulsa OK, and finally Fort Worth TX.  They enjoyed acting as tourists in each new location.

Sally was a stay-at-home mom and school volunteer until their two sons were in high school.  Then she began doing clerical work, was hired at a bank, and worked up to Trust Officer in charge of guardianships.  She represented the bank to manage the VA benefits of veterans in north Texas who couldn’t manage their own money and didn’t have a reliable family member to do so.  When Ray retired in 1994, the couple moved to Salem.

During fifty years of LWV membership, Sally has held all the local League offices.  Her favorite, however, is newsletter editor, which she has done in several local Leagues, including currently for LWV of Marion & Polk Counties and for LWVOR 15 years ago.  This year she is also acting secretary for LWVMPC and secretary for AAUW Salem Branch.  She is retiring from both boards but will continue to do the layouts for both organizations’ newsletters.

Sally and Ray live with two cats.  Their son Mark is a doctor in Portland, married, and the father of two daughters.  A hand quilter, Sally is currently making a bed quilt for her older granddaughter’s college graduation gift.  She reads a lot, is a member of two book-discussion groups, and leads an LWV Great Decisions group.  For two years she has performed in AAUW Salem Branch’s Readers’ Theater; this year she portrayed three suffragist leaders, including Abigail Scott Duniway.  This summer she plans to begin writing the second part of her family history.

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Ruth Kistler

Treasurer 2014-2017

LWV of Lincoln County

I, Ruth Kistler (nee Goldstein) was born in the Bronx, the only mainland borough of New York City, and lived there for the first three decades of my life.  I was raised in the intellectual ferment of socialism and Zionism.  My interest in the natural world was nurtured by frequent visits to the world-class Bronx Botanical Gardens and Bronx Zoo, as well as to the American Museum of Natural History (one subway trip away).   As a girl child, I was pressured to be “beautiful but dumb” and I knew I could be neither.  Although urged to attend a high school that would develop my artistic talent, I chose instead to attend the Bronx High School of Science and concentrated on mathematics and biology.  After high school I spent eight years dropping in and out of City College (with one disastrous year at Cornell) , and graduated with a B.S. in Mathematics.  During my college years I was a volunteer math tutor, and was employed  variously as an actuarial trainee, a payroll clerk, and  a bookkeeper.

After graduation I went to work in New York City for the Service Bureau Corporation (SBC), a wholly-owned subsidiary of IBM, as a computer programmer.   In 1969, I got SBC to request me to transfer to San Jose, California, where a new development lab had been established.  I transferred into the mother corporation when SBC was sold.  During my 35 years with IBM, I worked in Research and Development Divisions, and was involved in the design and development of several large operating systems and database systems (most of which actually became released products).   In 1978, I married another IBM programmer, Jack Kistler, a native of Portland.  In 1980 our son David was born.  During those years, working long hours, raising a child, and maintaining a home, left little time for community involvement, although I managed to find time to volunteer as an Algebra tutor at the high school.  Recreation was mainly hiking and camping, and planning when and where to retire.

In 2000 Jack and I retired from IBM and moved to Newport, drawn by the ocean, the wonderful climate (cool), and the lack of Willamette Valley allergens.  (Jack has hay fever.)  I became aware of the local League of Women Voters and agreed with the League’s  progressive positions and its mission to involve citizens in government.  I joined LWV of Lincoln County in 2000.  I volunteered to serve as our local League Treasurer in 2005, and served as President from 2009 through 2013.  I edit our local newsletter, Wavelengths.  Husband Jack now serves as our local Treasurer, membership database manager, webmaster, and newsletter publisher.  I was a member of the recent LWVOR Coastal Study group.  When LWVOR Council 2014 did not have a Treasurer nominee, I volunteered for the job.  I have been learning and working at that position since.

Besides my involvement with the League, I am a volunteer interpreter at the Oregon Coast Aquarium, at the Hatfield Marine Science Visitor Center, and at Port Dock 1 (the sea lion pier) in Newport.  Last year I got my Oregon Master Naturalist certification.  I am a volunteer math tutor for GED and community college students.  I also enjoy reading, especially history and economics books.  And I am the proud mother of the cutest apricot standard poodle, Ginger.

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Anne Emmons

Director 2015-2017

Mock Election Chair

Member at Large

I come from a family with a strong history in community service.  With my parents deeply involved in the Portland School District, neighborhood associations, and the League of Women Voters, dinner table discussions centered around civic responsibility and activism.

I graduated from Grant High School in Portland, OR, attended one year at Portland State University, and then transferred to Eastern Oregon State College in La Grande. I attended graduate school at Oregon State University, focusing on mid-level science education. I also earned an endorsement for teaching mid-level social sciences with the state of Oregon. While in La Grande, I was student body secretary for two years, worked in the college Education Department, and as a community school coordinator for the city of La Grande.

I moved to Hermiston, OR in 1977 to teach elementary school and coach high school gymnastics. During my 31 year teaching career, I taught 3rd, 4th and 6th grades; was an outdoor school coordinator for the Hermiston School District; coached several sports, and was a school director of the Talented and Gifted Program. During the last years of my career, I moved to the middle school level,  taught medieval history and civics to 7th and 8th graders, and once again became the school director of the TAG program, insisting that all students also had the opportunity to apply and participate in the TAG activities.  I introduced the Battle of the Books program at my middle school, and started and coached the chess team.

In 1997, with my husband Ron, and many supportive neighbors, in response to a local land use concern, I introduced and formed the first neighborhood association in Hermiston, serving as its president. In 2011 Hermiston was in the midst of a city council recall, and still believing we are better together, I asked the Hermiston City Council to officially embrace the neighborhood association concept as a means to involve more citizens in local government and to assist the councilors in making informed decisions. After working closely with me and others, the city adopted a neighborhood association program. I am still working with the city to further develop the program by having an outreach component to assist residents who want to form an association, but need help in doing so.

After retirement in 2009, having free time, and wishing to follow in my mother’s footsteps, I looked into joining LWV.  My mother was a strong advocate for voter services, equality, citizen involvement, and education and instilled those deep beliefs in both my sister and myself. I saw firsthand the fulfillment and satisfaction my mother received when involved with LWV, and all the great, lasting friendships she formed throughout the League. For me, there was never any question whether to join LWV or not, it was just a matter of when. Discovering the Pendleton League had disbanded in 2000, and with no other chapters in the area, I brought together a few other friends, and we formed the League of Women Voters of West Umatilla County MAL unit.

My husband, Ron, also a retired elementary teacher, and I have been married for 32 years and have a grown son and daughter. When not working on city or LWV activities, you will find me either bicycling, kayaking, playing tennis, spinning wool, or playing bluegrass music at a local jam session.

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Kathleen Hersh

Director 2015-2017

LWV of Portland

After receiving her degree in Biology, Kathleen worked as an investigator for the Food and Drug Administration, first in the San Francisco office then in the Portland office.  She then started and ran her own business, a travel agency, for a number of years.  Most recently she worked as an administrative assistant through a temporary agency at a number of Portland area businesses–large and small.  She has served the Portland League as a unit leader, Voters’ Guide editor, Web Editor and Co-President.

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Karan Kuntz

Director 2014-17

Program Chair
Voter Editor

LWV of Clackamas County

Karan was born in Connecticut and lived all over the eastern half of the United States as her father moved from site to site as a restoration architect for the National Park  Service. She received a B.A. in chemistry from Bryn Mawr College, married her husband Joel and moved to New Haven, Connecticut where she earned a MPh in biophysical chemistry from Yale University.

For two years, while Joel served at El Toro Marine Air Station in California, Karan worked as a part-time instructor in an oceanography program serving elementary schools in the Los Angeles/Orange County area.  With their one-year-old son, Karan and Joel moved to Lake Oswego in 1974.  A daughter was born in 1977.

Karan soon got to know her new community well, serving on the Natural Resources and Open Space committee, as Lake Oswego prepared for its Comprehensive Plan.  Recruited by former state and local LWV president, Norma Jean Germond, Karan joined the then West Clackamas County League of Women Voters in 1976. She soon joined the local LWV board and has served on the board in many positions. The company of interesting, intelligent women and compelling issues helped maintain sanity during the years as a stay-at-home mom! In the mid-1980s, she took a break from League activities and, in a mid-life crisis, earned a second bachelors degree, this time in music. She taught piano for approximately 20 years and returned to the local league board, first as the treasurer. More recently she has served as Webmaster, newsletter editor, and member of Clackamas County LWV executive committee.  At the state level, she has participated in the Judiciary study and currently is a member of the Coastal Management study committee.  She is also the state Voter editor.

When not enjoying League activities, Karan loves reading, “techy” toys, piano, white water rafting, kayaking, nature, Trailblazer basketball and traveling.  Not a lover of cities, Karan has particularly enjoyed journeys to French Polynesia, Alaska, the Galapagos Islands, and Tanzania.  Her most recent trip took her to Costa Rica and through the Panama Canal.

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Toni Lampkin

Director, Outreach: 2016-2017

Member at Large


I consider myself an East Oregonian even though I spent a few childhood years in Michigan.  Visiting my grandparents in Boardman was a highlight of any summer.  Eventually we returned to the northwest where I graduated from Riverside High School in Boardman, and then Portland State University.

I began my teaching career with Portland Public Schools and finished out 31 years later with the Hermiston School District.

My husband plays “cowboy” with his cattle out in the Echo Meadows; the granddaughters from Maryland love to ride out in the field, too, whenever they visit.

Travel has been a life-long passion and the best way I know to continue learning.  My involvement with the Oregon Education Association at both the local and state levels made me realize that politics impacts every aspect of our lives. . . .and I choose to be more than an idle observer!

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Luis Nava

Director, Latino Outreach: 2015-2017

Member at Large 

Luis Nava, small business owner and business consultant, he is a native of Lima – Peru, who studied Industrial Engineering at Federico Villarreal National University, Architectural Design and Mechanical Design at Metropolitan Technical Institute, Marketing and Textile Quality Control at SENATI.  New to the Board in 2015, Luis brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise in civic engagement. He devotes much of his time to serving a multitude of organizations. He is on Metro’s MPAC (Metro Policy Advisory Committee) and PERC (Public Engagement Review Committee). He is a Board Member on the Human Rights Council of Washington County. He is Vice Chair of CPO 6, WC-CAN and Multnomah County Ground Work. He was member of City of Hillsboro 2020 Vision Plan and now is on the City of Hillsboro 2035 Task Force. He’s member of the Conflict Resolution Team, the International Festival Committee and the Diversity Task Force at City of Beaverton. EPAP (East Portland Action Plan) – Civic Engagement Committee at City of Portland. He started a Quarterly Latino Town Hall Meetings with the Cornelius City Council and Administrators (in Spanish). Luis is Executive Board Member at Centro Cultural de Washington County, as well as, an Economic Development and Education Committee member. He is School Council member and the Latino PTO co-chair at Brown Middle School. He is member of the Science and Middle School Committees at Hillsboro School District. He is member of OSU – ECAN (Extension Citizens Advisory Network) Steering Committee and 4-H Tech Wizard Volunteer. Multnomah Early Learning HUB member and Washington County Early Learning HUB parents committee member. Former Chair at LLN (Latino Leadership Network of Washington County) and at the DPO (Democratic Party of Oregon) – Latino Caucus. He is also Community Outreach Chair for the Democratic Party of Washington County and Oregon Delegate to the Democratic National Convention. Also he is a member of Oregon Action, HispanicPros and SW Washington LULAC. OLAA (Oregon Latino Agenda for Action) Board of Directors

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Nominating Committee

Diana Bodtker, Chair
LWV of Marion and Polk Counties

Margaret Noel, Member
LWV of Portland

Janet Calvert, Member
LWV of Lane County

Marge Easley, Member
LWV of Clackamas County


Office Coordinator

Sarah Andrews – – 503.581.5722


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