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The League of Women Voters works on local, state and national levels. Our many local Oregon Leagues work on all of these levels. Please visit our websites, contact us, read our linked newsletters, and Like us on Facebook!

LWV of Clackamas County

Newsletter: Clackamas Clackson
Katie Lu, President
E-mail: lwvclackamas@lwvclackamas.org
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LWV of Coos County

Newsletter: Coos Voter
Kathy Metzger and Frances Smith, Co-Presidents

LWV of Corvallis

Newsletter: Corvallis
Laura Evenson, President
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LWV of Curry County

Newsletter: Curry Coastlines
Lucie LaBonte, President
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LWV of Deschutes County

Newsletter: Deschutes Cascade Echoes
Kim Smith, President
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LWV of Klamath County

Klamath (contact to get more info)
Julie Ryder, President

LWV of Lane County

Newsletter: Lane Argus
Lynda Lynch, President
Office: 338 W. 11th Ave, Suite 1, Eugene, OR 97401
E-mail: league@lwvlc.org
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LWV of Lincoln County

Newsletter: Lincoln Wavelengths
Ruth Kistler, President

LWV of Linn County

(contact to get more info)
Robert Waterhouse, President
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LWV of Marion/Polk Counties

Newsletter: Marion-Polk Focus
Diana Bodtker, President

LWV of Portland

Newsletter: Portland Voter
Margaret Noel, President
Office: 618 NW Glisan St, Ste 303 Portland, OR 97209
Phone: 503.228.1675, Fax: 503.228.1675
Email: info@lwvpdx.org
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LWV of Rogue Valley

Newsletter: Rogue Valley Voters Voice
Joann Cleckner and Lorraine Werblow, Co-Presidents
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LWV of Umpqua Valley

Newsletter: Umpqua Valley League Lines
Jennifer Carloni, President
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LWV of West Umatilla County

(contact to get more info)
Anne Emmons, President
Email: lwvwestumatillaco@gmail.com
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All other areas
If you need more information, contact the nearest League, or the LWV of Oregon.