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What Your Donation Supports

Donations to LWVOR are tax-deductible and support the following:

  • Your Action Team – League members who follow the Capitol and Legislature carefully and take action when position and support allow. The Action Team also reports to membership through publication of Legislative Reports provided during the annual sessions.
  • Promotion of good government practices through testimony and other methods. Good government practices include:
    • Fiscal responsibility of state government
    • Adequate funding of government services
    • Citizen involvement in the legislative process
  • Administration of services to local Leagues and League members
  • Unbiased, nonpartisan citizen information
  • Litigation to help clarify laws in the public interest
  • And more…


Read our LWVOR Biennial Reports for more information.

The League of Women Voters of Oregon never sells its donor lists.

LWV is a nonprofit organization. We must seek adequate financing from our supporters to achieve our goals. We adopt yearly budgets to support our local, state and national activities.

Financial support comes from members, nonmembers, businesses, unions, tribes, grants and the community at large. In many cases, donations can be tax deductible.

Although member dues are a major source of income for the LWV, we conduct fundraising campaigns at every level to augment our income.

Because we rely on thousands of volunteer hours from our members and our Board, we are able to operate with a very low overhead. We have only two part-time paid staff members who work out of our state office.