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Convention 2019 “A Beacon of Democracy … for 99 Years”

The Convention Workbook is now available online!

Join us on May 17-19 for Convention 2019 “A Beacon of Democracy…for 99 Years” Download our First Call to Convention 2019 and Second Call to Convention 2019.


The 2019 State Convention will be held Friday-Sunday, May 17-19, 2019, at Ashland Springs Hotel, 212 E. Main St. Ashland, OR 97520


League of Women Voters of Rogue Valley


The convention shall consider changes to the Bylaws; shall consider and authorize for action a program; shall elect the president, first vice-president, secretary, three directors (two-year terms), and a chair and two members of the nominating committee; shall adopt a budget for the ensuing year; and shall transact such other business as may be presented.


The convention shall consist of the Board of Directors of the LWVOR and delegates chosen by members through the local Leagues. Each local League shall be entitled to two delegates for the first 40 members or fewer. If possible, one delegate should be the President. An additional delegate is allowed for every 20 additional members or major fraction (10 or more) thereof belonging to the local League as of January 31, 2019. Each approved State Unit of members-at-large (MALs) shall be entitled to one delegate. For those MAL’s not in an approved unit, MAL representation at convention shall be one delegate for every 20 MALs or major fraction (10 or more) thereof. If there are fewer than 10 MALs, the interest of the MALs shall be represented by the LWVOR Membership Chair. The cost of delegate registration and workbook is $75.00. 


Any member of a local League or MAL in Oregon may attend the convention as an observer. Local Leagues are encouraged to send as many observers as possible. Observers may not vote but may have the privilege of the floor upon recognition of the Chair. League members are encouraged to exercise this privilege. The cost of full-time observer registration and workbook is $45.00. Observers for one session will be charged $10.00 for registration, plus the cost of the workbook ($15.00 additional) if desired. 


Included in the convention workbooks will be the proposed agenda, proposed convention rules, proposed 2019-2020 LWVOR budget, proposed 2019-2020 state program, proposed amendments to the LWVOR bylaws, and reports from LWVOR Board members and off-Board chairs. Each delegate and full-time observer will receive at the convention sign-in table one workbook copy as part of the registration fee. Additional workbooks are $15.00 and may be ordered on the registration form. Electronic copies will be emailed and available from the LWVOR website.


Registration form for delegates must be filled out by either the president or the treasurer of the local League or State Unit. Registration forms, credential forms and payment must be received in the state office by May 5. Registration will not be available at convention.


Rooms are available at both the Ashland Springs Hotel and the Ashland Hills Hotel which is about two miles from the Ashland Springs Hotel. Convention events will be held at the Ashland Springs Hotel. In the Ashland Springs Hotel, there’s one king bed per King room. There are two double beds in a Double room, and one queen bed per Queen room. In the Ashland Hills Hotel, there are Queen rooms, with two queen beds in each room. Cost at either hotel per night: Queen rooms are $169. King rooms are $189 and Double bed rooms are $199. Hotel tax is 10.8 percent. Phone to reserve at either hotel: 541-488-1700 or toll free 888-795-4545. IMPORTANT: Ask for the League of Women Voters of Oregon group rate. Please make your room reservations as soon as possible to insure availability. The deadline to reserve is Apr. 26, 2019. Registration and meal options will be included in the Final Call to Convention.


Dine Around: An opportunity to enjoy dining with fellow Leaguers at one of a selection of nearby restaurants on Friday evening will be available.

Local Fundraiser: Once again each local League has the opportunity to bring a Silent Auction offering and/or sell multiple items as a part of their display space (see below). For example, the Silent Auction area will allow your League to offer a single item, fill a basket, a box, or a Chico Bag (available through the League office), and the revenues raised will go to your League.

Display space available: There will be additional display space available for those who request it on the registration form coming soon. You can use this space to sell local items or share anything about your League. Items at night will not have to be removed as the room will be locked.


About Ashland Parking:

The City of Ashland has a variety of parking types in the downtown area. There are five free parking lots distributed throughout the downtown area.  These lots generally have 4 hour parking, which can be strictly enforced, especially in the summer.  The lot locations are:

  • Water St/B St,
  • Winburn Wy/Nutley St,
  • Second St near Hargadine St,
  • Lithia Wy/Pioneer St and
  • Lithia Wy/Second St).

Around the Hotel:

Paid parking: The City of Ashland also manages a paid parking structure on Hargadine St adjacent to the Oregon Shakespeare Festival campus. The fee is $2 for all day parking (6 am to 6 pm). Between 6 pm and midnight, the fee is $2 an hour with a maximum fee of $10.  This lot is directly next to the hotel parking lot with easy ‘backdoor’ access to the hotel.

Free parking:  Easy and free parking is not abundant immediately around the hotel. However, there is unlimited time/free parking (but not always easy to find) on Hargadine St., Fork St and Upper Pioneer St. Additionally, MOST streets on the Northeast side of Lithia Way (downhill toward railroad district). In Lithia Park there are unlimited time/free spots once past Nutley Street. Here is a link to a map showing parking in Ashland.  http://www.ashland.or.us/Files/parking_downtown.pdf


Oregon Shakespeare Festival: To reserve tickets for the Oregon Shakespeare Festival go to osfashland.org and see which plays are being offered while you are in Ashland. The website gives you a synopsis of each play. You can then see a chart of what seats are available for the shows you would like to attend. Tickets can be ordered through the website, or by calling the box office at 800-219-8161.

Shopping: Enjoy shopping in Ashland’s amazing retail shops. Visit the Ashland Chamber of Commerce website for more.

Food: Information on local culinary treats can be found here. Enjoy your visit to Ashland!