About Civics Ed

Give YOUR Oregon students’ votes a voice, along with thousands of other Oregon students! Join us in fall 2016 for the US Presidential & Oregon Elections. We will use electronic ballots to tally your votes on actual 2016 Oregon candidates and ballot measures. We’ve been invited to run a Mock Election with 1,500 e-ballots for the National Association of Student Councils’ annual meeting at Century High School in Hillsboro this June.


“It made my heart sing to be part of this incredible project intended to help kids become more engaged in the importance of the voting process, and I’m proud so many of our Springfield schools and teachers felt freedom ring, too!” -Deb Jolda, representative from the Springfield Public Schools Department of Communications

In 2014, students focused on the importance of mid-term elections by voting for a number of Oregon elected officials and all seven Oregon state ballot measures. With Multnomah Bar Foundation funding help, the League of Women Voters of Oregon was able to:

  • design and update the 2014 teacher’s curriculum
  • provide outreach to social studies teachers across the state,
  • create official “mock ballots” for student voting
  • administer mock elections on a vast and statewide scale.

Oregon Student Mock Election 2014 participants report:

  •  “Thank you once again for providing the opportunity for civic engagement for our students. I am a huge fan of the Mock Election.”
  • “My students enjoyed all aspects of the activities that we did.”
  • “The materials provided by the League are of excellent quality and very useful.”
  •  “Summaries and Voters’ Guides are very useful tools for having students research about candidates and issues.”
  • “Very useful [materials]. It was a terrific selection to pick and choose from based on needs of particular students and class situations.”
  • “One of my classes hosted a debate in front of the entire school based on the ballot measures. The response was incredible. There was a lot of interest in elections generated.”

Teaching through experience-based education, about the elections process and the importance of voting. 

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For civic education and informing future voters, nothing is more important than providing resources to our many educators and organizations who are passionate about educating our future Oregon voters. The Oregon Student Mock Election continues to be a solid foundation in Oregon schools today, serving to educate young people on government processes, the election system, and the importance of voting.