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Ballot Measures Primary 2018



Find resources for the November 6th General Election here.

The following is a complete list of measures on the ballot around Oregon for the 2018 Primary Election. You can click through to get more information. This list is compiled by volunteers of the League of Women Voters of Oregon. We checked websites and called County Clerks, City Elections Officials, the ORESTAR database and other sources. Please check with your local Elections officials if information is missing, then please let us know at lwvor@lwvor.org.

Search the database below by city, county, keyword or ballot measure number to view details on measures that will appear on May Primary ballots.

County or CityBallot Measure Title 
AlbanyAlbany 22-172 Motor Vehicle Fuel Tax (City of Albany)
AlseaAlsea 21-182 Bonds to replace launch and marina, upgrades, and refinance projects (Port of Alsea)
BeavertonBeaverton 34-284 Levy Renewal to Protect Beaverton Schools Teachers and Class Sizes
BendBend 9-115 Five-year operating levy for fire and emergency medical services.
BendBend 9-118 Amends Charter to provide for a directly elected mayor. (City of Bend)
BendBend 9-119 Amends Charter to remove council member pay from charter.
BentonBenton 2-113 Bonds to Expand, Modernize Schools; Address Overcrowding; Make Safety Improvements (Corvallis School District)
BentonBenton 2-119 Renewal of five-year local option operating levy for K-12 education (Philomath School District 17J)
BentonBenton 2-112 Establish Hidden Valley Special Road District
BrookingsBrookings 8-90 Reauthorization of Local Tax on Motor Vehicle Fuel Sales
CarltonCarlton 36-192 Measure Proposing Sale of Bonds for Public Safety Facility Construction
ClackamasClackamas 3-533 Five-year local option tax. (Estacada Cemetery)
ClackamasClackamas 3-529 Local Option Replacement Levy to Maintain Fire, Emergency Medical Operations
ClackamasClackamas 3-525 Five-Year Local Option Levy for Fire Services (Lake Grove Fire District #57)
ClatsopClatsop 4-190 Five-Year Local Option Tax for General Operations. (Lewis & Clark R.F.P.D.)
ClatsopClatsop 4-192 Five year local tax option for operations. (Clatsop Care Health District)
CoburgCoburg 20-284 Five-year local option tax for operations and capital projects.
ColumbiaColumbia 5-267 Renewal of Five-Year Local Option Levy for General Operations (Clatskanie Rural Fire Protection District)
Coos BayCoos Bay 6-167 The measure amends the City Charter.
DeschutesDeschutes 9-116 Five-year operating levy for fire and emergency medical services. (Deschutes County Rural Fire Protection District #2)
DouglasDouglas 10-161 Formation of Lower Umpqua Library District
DouglasDouglas 10-162 Formation of North Douglas Library District
EstacadaEstacada 3-534 Amendments to 2006 Estacada City Charter
EugeneEugene 20-289 Bonds to Fund Parks and Recreation Facility Projects
EugeneEugene 20-283 Amends Charter: establishes office, duties of independent elected City Auditor.
EugeneEugene 20-288 Five-Year Parks and Recreation Operations and Maintenance Local Option Levy
EugeneEugene 20-287 Amends Charter: Establishes Council-appointed performance auditor, audit review board
Falls CityFalls City 27-126 Five year local option levy for fire and emergency operations (City of Falls City)
GladstoneGladstone 3-531 Charter authorization to sell surplus real property
GladstoneGladstone 3-530 Charter authorization to construct a new library
GrantsGrants Pass 17-84 Authorizes General Obligation Bonds to Construct and Renovate School Facilities
Happy ValleyHappy Valley 3-526 Approval of Happy Valley Parks and Recreation Levy For Five-Years
Hood RiverHood River 14-61 Renew current five-year local option levy to maintain school programs. (Hood River County School District)
JeffersonJefferson 16-89 Formation of the Canyon View Special Road District (Jefferson County)
KlamathKlamath 18-109 Five-Year Local Option Tax for Operations (Central Cascades Fire & EMS)
La PineLa Pine 9-117 Renews for 5 years Operations Levy for the Fire Dist. (La Pine Rural Fire Prot Dist)
LaneLane 20-285 Authorizes General Obligation Bond to Improve Safety and Service Delivery (Mohawk Valley Rural Fire Protection District)
LaneLane 20-286 Replace 10-Year Levy with a 5-year Operation Levy. (McKenzie Fire & Rescue)
LincolnLincoln 21-187 Authorizes General Obligation Bond to Improve Emergency Service Delivery (Toledo Rural Fire Protection District)
LincolnLincoln 21-184 Renewal of local option tax for the Yachats RFPD
LincolnLincoln 21-186 Local Option Tax Levy for Countywide Public Safety Services (Lincoln County)
LincolnLincoln 21-183 North Lincoln Fire & Rescue General Obligation Bond Authorization
LincolnLincoln 21-185 Continuation of Local Option Tax for Seal Rock RFPD
LinnLinn 22-171 Linn County Law Enforcement Levy Four Year Continuation
LinnLinn 22-170 Bonds to Upgrade and Expand School Facilities, Impove Safety (Harrisburg School District)
MarionMarion 24-428 Replace Current Tax Levy for Emergency Fire and Medical Services (Aurora RFPD #63)
MedfordMedford 15-175 Authorizes General Obligation Bonds for Career and Technical Education Facilities
Milton-FreewaterMilton-Freewater 30-127 Local Option Tax to Support Parks and Recreation Facilities
MollalaMollala 3-532 Creating Street Management System for City of Mollala
MorrowMorrow 25-77 Establish Extension Service District and Permanent tax rate limit (Morrow County)
OaklandOakland 10-164 Bonds to Upgrade and Expand School Facilities, Improve Safety (Oakland SD No. 1)
OntarioOntario 23-58 Authorizes 1% Retail Sales Tax for the City of Ontario
OntarioOntario 23-59 Amends City Charter (City of Ontario)
PhilomathPhilomath 2-116 A Measure Proposing Annexation of 3157 Main Street (City of Philomath)
PhilomathPhilomath 2-114 A Measure Proposing Annexation of Main Street Island Properites (City of Philomath)
PhilomathPhilomath 2-118 A Measure Proposing Annexation of Cooper Lane Properties (City of Philomath)
PhilomathPhilomath 2-115 A Measure Proposing Annexation of Landmark Dr Island Properties (City of Philomath)
PhilomathPhilomath 2-117 A Measure Proposing Annexation of North 7th St Undeveloped Lots (City of Philomath)
PolkPolk 27-127 Polk County Courthouse Complex Building Improvements General Obligation Bonds Authorization
PolkPolk 27-128 Renewal of five-year local option levy for Emergency Service Operations (Polk County Fire District No. 1)
PortlandPortland 26-197 Renew Portland Children's Levy for five years.
SistersSisters 9-120 Five-year local option levy for improving recreation programs and facilities.
SistersSisters 9-121 Renew local Option Levy For School Operations, Five-Year Term
St HelensSt Helens 5-266 Amends Charter to Retroactively Prohibit Taxes on Sale of Groceries
SutherlinSutherlin 10-163 Bonds to Improve Safety, Replace, Expand and Improve School Facilities
TigardTigard 34-283 Operating and capital levy to maintain and increase city services.
TillamookTillamook 29-153 Authorizes General Obligation Bonds to Construct and Renovate School Facilities (Nestucca Valley School District No. 1)
TualatinTualatin 34-282 Authorizes General Obligation Bonds for Traffic Congestion and Safety Improvements
UmatillaUmatilla 30-126 Establish Extension Service District for 4-H, farms, families, and food (Umatilla County)
WallowaWallowa 32-41 Permanent Tax Rate for Library District (Wallowa County Library District)Wallowa 32-41 Permanent Tax Rate for Library District (Wallowa County Library District)
WallowaWallowa 32-40 Renewal of Five-Year Levy to Fund Noxious Weed Control (Wallowa County Noxious Weed Control District)
WarrentonWarrenton 4-191 Renew Five Year Local Option Tax for Police Operations
WascoWasco 33-95 Renewal of Current Three-year Local Option Tax for Operating Purposes. (Dufur Recreation District)
WascoWasco 33-94 5-year local option tax for general operations (White River Health District)
West LinnWest Linn 3-527 Bonds to Improve Roads, Parks, and City Facilitites
West LinnWest Linn 3-528 Advisory vote for annexation of 6.47 acres on Bland Circle.