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Help Us Ban Assault Weapons in Oregon

Help Us Ban Assault Weapons in Oregon

Dear League members,

This is an urgent reminder that your help is needed to make Oregon the 8th state to ban assault weapons and high capacity magazines. The go-ahead for signature-gathering for IP 43 may happen by the end of this week! That means we’ll have only a few days to collect over 88,000 signatures before the July 6th deadline.

If you haven’t yet done so, please sign up to collect signatures in your area through this website: www.lifteveryvoiceoregon.com. You can find training materials at the bottom of the sign-up page. Multiple petition pick-up and drop-off locations are being set up throughout the state, and all volunteers will be notified as soon as the official petition forms are available. If you’re unable to collect signatures or sign a regular petition, it will also be possible to download an e-form for a single signature, which can then be mailed to the Secretary of State’s office.

This issue is important to the League, and we’re counting on your help. Please keep a watchful eye on your inbox for the next email, which will announce that petitions are ready to be circulated and provide final instructions.

Thank you!

Marge Easley                                                                     Norman Turrill
LWVOR Gun Safety Portfolio                                        LWVOR President

If you have questions please contact Marge Easley, LWVOR Gun Safety Portfolio at marge.easley@frontier.com.