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ACTION ALERT!  Support Clean Energy Jobs

ACTION ALERT!  Support Clean Energy Jobs

Date:   February 5, 2018
To:       All League Members and Oregonians
From:   Norman Turrill, LWVOR President
Claudia Keith, LWVOR Climate Change Portfolio

Support Clean Energy Jobs (CEJ) HB 4001 & SB 1507 Climate Policy Legislation in 2018.

The legislation would establish a program which will cap climate pollution, price all qualified greenhouse gas emissions under the cap, and invest the proceeds in clean energy, while addressing the needs of vulnerable communities and investing in training workers for new, growing opportunities in a clean energy economy.

Committee Hearings: Feb. 5 Bill Introduction & Feb. 7 Public Hearing at the Capitol

LWVOR joined the Renew Oregon Campaign Coalition in 2015 to support legislation to price emissions. At the LWVUS Convention 2014, the following resolution was adopted by a large margin: “The LWVUS should support a price on carbon emissions that will increase in stages, as part of an overall program to improve energy efficiency and to replace fossil fuels with renewable energy, fast enough to avoid serious damage to the climate system.” LWVOR has supported legislation the last four sessions to put a real price on greenhouse gas emission pollution.

ACTION NEEDED, we need you to:

– Attend Clean Energy Jobs Lobby Day  Monday February 12th   Time: 9:00 a.m.
More details and RSVP with Renew Oregon at Reservation Form.

Contact your legislators
We appreciate your immediate action on this issue. You can find your legislators’ contact information here.

For more information, contact Claudia Keith, Climate Change Portfolio Chair, ca.keith@comcast.net

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