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Support the Healthy Climate Bill & Clean Energy / Coal Transition Bill!

February 13, 2016 / Sarah Andrews / Uncategorized


Contact your legislators and support Climate Change Portfolio Bills:

Healthy Climate Bill (Cap & Invest) SB1574A and Clean Energy / Coal Transition Bill HB4036A.

View LWVOR Testimony: HB4036A and SB1574A.

Legislator contact information:

DEADLINE FOR ACTION: ASAP! The House could vote on HB4036A this Tuesday and then the Bill will most likely move to the Senate. The Ways & Means Committee may wait a week to vote on SB1574A. Then it could move directly to the Senate Floor. Your support and messages to your legislators are helpful at each stage.

MESSAGE TO CONVEY: Support SB1574A and HB4036A, to ensure that Oregon leads on Climate Change comprehensive Legislation. SB1574A is Oregon’s opportunity to take effective leadership in Climate Change by putting a price on greenhouse gas emission pollution. HB 4036, the Clean Electricity and Coal Transition Bill jointly prepared by the two major utility companies serving Oregon and environmental groups, phases out coal power by 2030 and expands the renewable energy commitment to 50% by 2040. Tell them that NOW IS THE TIME TO ACT on Climate; both bills deserve a vote and consideration by the 2016 Oregon Legislature this session.

Background: In 2007 Oregon set responsible greenhouse gas emission reduction targets, these two Bills which complement each other, will ensure we meet these targets starting in 2030.

Talking Points

SB1574A is the cornerstone of a comprehensive climate policy framework based on a greenhouse gas emission cap and invest program with benefits that:
• create local good paying jobs in our growing clean energy sector;
• put a cap on greenhouse gas emissions;
• significantly reduce emissions consistent with the best science;
• build healthier communities by reducing medical bills and sick days from chronic disease like asthma;
• use the free market through a greenhouse gas cap and invest program;
• ensure fairness by assisting and investing in disadvantaged and rural communities;
• reduce Oregon’s risk of drought and record breaking wildfires;
• safeguard our agriculture, tourism, salmon and shellfish industries;
• create a structure for financial accountability of dirty pollutions emitted into our air; and
• use the free market for the greenhouse cap and invest program that allows Oregon the flexibility to link to successful market based programs.

For more information, contact:
Claudia Keith, Climate Change Portfolio Coordinator
541 752 0591

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